Flowers- A Perfect Way to Express Emotions

Do you ever find yourself struggling to show emotions even in a not-so-complicated situation?  Are you someone who prefers to show emotions through actions and not words but are struggling to find one that can convey your feelings clearly in a most effective way? Guess what, we have a perfect solution for your problems. Of course, flowers because let’s be rational, what can be better than flowers? Here is an article of an ultimate guide on flowers- A perfect way to express emotions.


Love, an emotion that every human being feels for nearly 80% of their contact. Of course, love is not bound to be only between a couple. It comes out of appreciation, sympathy, closeness, gratitude, and simply, nature. You love your parents, your siblings, your friends, and whoever is close to you, whoever you care about. It can be hard for people to openly tell their parents or siblings that they love them out of shyness. So, use floriography to speak your heart out by using flowers to express love:

  • Red Rose– everlasting love.
  • Tulip– unconditional love.
  • Red Carnations– affection.


Grieving is the hardest emotion to express as it needs the most delicate words that should be considered thoughtfully before being spoken and thus is not everyone’s cup of tea. On moments when you find yourself at a loss for words, use these flowers to show grief and sympathy:

  • White Chrysanthemums– grief.
  • White Lilies– sympathy.
  • Pink Carnations– remembrance.

However, you need to do your research as many countries use flowers only for happy events. Thus, grief is a quite tricky one in this article of flowers- A perfect way to express emotions.


Someone invited you to dinner and you just cannot pick a decent gift? Your friend graduated and you want to congratulate them? Your sibling bought a house and you want to wish them luck for their new life in a new house? Have you ever been in a situation where no matter how much you think, you just cannot think of a nice gift? Double your happiness by giving flowers like:

  • Sunflower– the happiest flower in the world!
  • Lavender– happiness.
  • Iris– joy.


There are moments when you are thankful to someone and just cannot find a nice way to thank them. An occasion that is whether way too casual that a gift seems a bit over or way too formal that whatever gift you bought seems to be lacking the spark. These are the moments when this article of flowers- A perfect way to express emotions will save your life. Flowers for gratitude are:

  • Hydrangeas– gratitude.
  • Pink Rose– gratitude and appreciation
  • Pink Tulip– good wishes.


Apologizing is the hardest, as it needs you to openly accept that you were wrong. Nowadays, no matter how clearly you know you are wrong, you just can’t seem to accept it verbally. Every relationship has little quarrels or mistakes here and there but these little things must be cleared completely before it turns into a huge misunderstanding. Cutting every bitterness from the root can be easily done by conversing with empathy as well as putting the ego aside. Even though it is enough to just speak up and clear the bitterness, it will be way better to do so with a bunch of flowers like:

  • Hyacinth– sorrow and regret.
  • Blue Tulips– forgiveness and peace.
  • White Orchids– apology and faith.

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