Flowers That Mean Love

February, the month of love, is here. There is no way someone says February and a hint of romance and love do not pop up in your head. Mostly because of Valentine’s day. When on the topic of Valentine’s day, two things that immediately hit you are, flowers and chocolates. Here we are with a list of flowers that mean love so that you could get to know the flower with the deepest meaning to give to your partner this Valentine’s. Although, while we talk about love, it is also very important to highlight the fact that February is also Marijuana awareness month.

Valentine’s Day in Other Countries

Some people do not celebrate Valentine’s day as a day of remembering the love and appreciating the presence of your partner in your life, making it a whole lot more beautiful. Some even forget about Valentine’s day till it is a week away.

However, some countries give it so much importance. For example, in South Korea, Valentine’s day in South Korea is all about men. Women buy gifts for men to show their affection towards them. In contrast with this, they celebrate the white day which is exactly one month after Valentine’s day (14th March). Where men buy gifts for women. Then they also celebrate the black day, which is on 14th April. It is the day for all the singles out there. They hang out with their single friends and eat jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles).

The concept of the white day is also celebrated in Japan. In the Philippines, young couples get married in a gala event organized by the government as a public service.

Flowers That Mean Love


Roses deserve the top place in this list of flowers that mean love as the globally known symbol of love is the rose, mostly the red one. Red rose also means desire and passion. The well-known but mostly ignored fact about the rose is that its different colors have different means like yellow rose means friendship and care. White rose means innocence and purity. While the pink rose means gratitude and elegance.


Red camellias are symbolized for love and passion. Like any other flower, camellia also has different meanings associated with different colors like white camellia means adoration. Pink camellia means longing.


If you or your partner is from France, this is not the flower for you as it is considered bad luck there. Generally, carnations are known as the flower of mourning. Although, light red carnations represent admiration, while deep red carnations represent affection. White carnations represent pure love.


Apart from its meaning of longing and for souls that we have lost, Forget-me-nots represent true love and are given with the hope that the receiver would never forget the sender. This flower is also believed to protect humans from witches that is why it is the symbol of protection and luck.


Generally, chrysanthemum means happiness. White chrysanthemum is known for loyalty and devoted love, which is why it is a perfect fit for this list of flowers that mean love. The next time you are buying a flower for your partner, do not forget to add a chrysanthemum to your bouquet. You would also want to tell them the meaning behind it as in some countries, chrysanthemums are known for death or grief, mostly as a symbol of support, and are often given with a get well soon card. You don’t want them to misunderstand you, do you? That would be awkward!


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