Funeral Flowers

Losing a person, you love is the most tragic and painful life experience. Family and friends are emotionally shattered and grieving, and you do your best to pamper them and express your condolences and make them feel loved at those sad times.

Sending flowers is an expression of sympathy. Flowers can show what your heart feels when words do not look acceptable.

Some people have inquiries about funeral flowers. What types of flowers should they send? You need to rectitude the honorable and beautiful life of a person who has passed away with dignity. Funeral flower protocol can differ from principles and religions.

By sending flowers, you will be humbly able to send your sincere sympathy. There are many flowers for representing your deep condolence. In addition to their beauty, many flowers carry with them their unique meaning or emotion.

Below are some of the funeral flowers with the special message they convey to the deceased’s family.


One of the ultimate popular bloomy choices for funerals is lilies. Lilies symbolize the innocence of the departed person’s soul.


White carnations express pure love and virtue, while red carnations exemplify appreciation. You can also have pink carnations, and they stand for the remembrance of the person one has just lost.


These tall and royal gladioli flowers express the strength of character and moral integrity and sincerity of passerby.


Roses represent different massages depending on the color. White roses express admiration, innocence, and enthusiasm. Red roses show respect, love, and courage. Pink roses indicate love, grace, and courtesy. Crimson roses symbolize grief and sorrow, whereas, yellow roses represent the feelings of friendship. You can express all your expressions to the family about the passer-by.


Chrysanthemums are the only flower used as funeral flowers in many European cultures. They are the symbol of death. Other than, chrysanthemums exemplify truth and are regarded as a cheerful way to honor someone, who lived complete lively life.


Pink and white orchids are traditionally used to express sympathy and represent eternal love. Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis orchids are commonly found most suitable orchids that are used as flowers of sympathy.

The tradition of decorating the treasury with fresh flowers is classically selected by the members of the closest family. They are piously displays of one or several types of flowers and greens that sit on top of the casket.


Floral Baskets

Funeral baskets make a scarred presentation and come in several sizes. You can choose it what you feel about the family and the passer-by.

Standing Sprays

Standing sprays are presented on a frame and are typically displayed near the casket. They allow observing from one side only. White lilies and white roses are beautifully expressing gratitude to the deceased person.

Hearts and Wreath

Hearts and Wreaths are prominent floral arrangements and are exhibited near the casket on an easel and are suitable for family and close friends. The circular shape funeral wreath is an emotional way to represent eternal life and faith, and the heart represents love.

Along with your kind words and presence, flowers are an excellent way to express your inner feelings. Consider sending flowers to grieving people to let them know you are standing with them in the darkest days of their lives.

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