Destination Wedding Floral Arrangement in Pakistan

A destination wedding is the wedding that is, usually, hosted at a local but beautiful traditional place, in the hills or by a lake.

It gives the bride and the groom the best of both worlds; a stunning location and royal wedding. Destination weddings are unique and attractive. They bring the thrill of traveling to a lush and romantic place to tie the knot and the friendliness of being around family and close friends on the special day of your life.

The trend of traveling to a new location within a country to host a wedding is getting popular these days. Destination weddings are breaking stereotypes as they are unlike traditional weddings and add novelty to celebrations. They help everyone to get involved in celebrations.

Hosting a destination wedding doesn’t come without its own set of difficulties. The main challenges are the lack of infrastructure. But the show must go on.

Pakistan is a country which is full of traditions and values. Our weddings express our social and traditional values along with modernization. There are four types of different functions to bring friends and family on a single platform to praise, enjoy and witness your love bells.

At weddings, flowers are as essential as the bride and groom’s wedding attire. Without the floral arrangement designation, a wedding can’t be flourished. Bloomed yellow-orange, whites, reds, pinks, and purple are always loved and complement by the wedding couple and created a charismatic charm to simple as well as royal wedding ceremonies.

Following are the few floral arrangements that are simple yet trendy and fill magic to your traditional destination royal wedding ceremony completely.

Yellow and Orange Marigolds: Classical Decoration:

In Pakistani weddings, the yellow color is represented as a color of simplicity and traditional. Yellow and orange marigolds are the most loveable floral arrangements for Mehdi, dholak and mayoon day. A sunny representation of stage with golden, yellowish flowers with lush green garden décor represents authentic saffron-colored traditional rituals for a bride to be.

Royal Res Gold: Barat:

Red always represents love and romance. On your destination wedding, you can either go for a complete red-colored stage and hall décor or can have a partial arrangement with other roses and gold. It always looks like a royal either is a large setup or a classified family event.

White wedding: Nikkah and Reception:

White flowers create an elegant environment. You can go for complete white arrangements with roses, lilies, and carnations. It became the celebration of a real relationship and a scented wedding. You can flourish your destination with these beautiful white ladies and make your Nikkah days or reception marvelous as this arrangement is best for day or a night function.

Sweet Pink and Lush White Blessings:

Pink roses represent a fresh and sophisticated wedding look. The most popular floral arrangement completely compliments engagement day or even a beautiful reception.

Pinky Purple Love:

Purple and pink create a magic on a wedding day. Stage with the combination of these two colored flowers like lilies and orchards or pink and white roses goes beyond the imagination. These vibrant flowers look perfect for the hillside destination wedding as all the view is mountainous and snowy.

Flowers are an essential part of any destination wedding. By those vibrant colors, you can be able to enhance the beauty of your destination, whether you choose hillside or a sea view colorful flower always compliment your special day and unique location even more magical.

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