Guide to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Flowers are special gifts that are cherished by everyone. A bouquet brightens the mood and space of a room and leaves a lasting impression. When you receive flowers on your anniversary, birthday, or otherwise; you want to enjoy them for a long time. However, a flower bouquet doesn’t last forever. But this guide will surely enlighten you on how to care for your flowers so that they last for a long time. So, let’s begin with some valuable tips and tricks in this regard.

5 Useful Tips to Make Your Flowers Last Longer:

Tip # 1: Cut the stems and re-trim your bouquet.

It is essential to cut the stems to ensure the longevity of the flowers. Most people forget to do so and as a result their flowers soon become shabby. When you cut the stems at an appropriate angle, it allows for a better water intake and they are likely to maintain their freshness. So, cut the stems and re-trim your bouquet after every few days. You can use garden shears to cut the stems one to two inches, respectively.

Tip # 2: Prune and prevent bacterial growth.

Another great tip to increase their lifespan is by removing leaves that fall below the waterline. It will make your bouquet look good and will also prevent any bacterial growth that might be caused by not pruning. After pruning, it is also vital to check your flowers for loose petals and dead leaves. So that bacterial rot can be avoided.

Tip # 3: Water it wisely and use flower food.

Use water in a quantity that is required. Do not overuse it to maintain the flowers’ freshness. The flowers cannot last long if there is insufficient water. So, use it wisely and keep them hydrated. You can also use flower food by emptying the vase first. Clean it well and use room temperature water to fill it. Now, you may add a packet of flower food; mix it well, and also ensure that water is neither diluted or concentrated. Clean your vase in this way after every 2-3 days to achieve maximum results.

Tip # 4: Avoid direct sunlight.

Place your flowers in a cool area to avoid direct sunlight. Also, avoid placing them near appliances that generate heat like the oven. These will otherwise dehydrate your flowers quickly and they will look dull.

Tip # 5: Use apple cider vinegar with sugar.

A good home remedy to increase the life of flowers is to add a half tablespoon of bleach into the vase in which the flowers have to be placed. Bleach will help to fight bacteria and will maintain the freshness of the flowers. The action of bleach will also keep the water from becoming too cloudy.

Final Thoughts:

Now, you have wise tips to protect your bouquets and enjoy them for a longer time. Do not forget to apply them the next time you receive a bouquet. We hope that this guide can help to a great extent.

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