Thinking Alternative Options Beyond a Vase

Variety is the need of modern generations. People quickly get bored of the traditional choices. When you have to choose the container to store the flowers, what will you go with? The typical vases or a variety of other options are available. There are several alternatives to vases that suit the taste of a wide range of people. Some of the options are mentioned below.

6 Alternatives to Vase


The Vine bottle adds an aesthetic vibe to the place. The flowers with longer stems such as roses and gerberas can be easily stored. Artificial flowers can also be stored and hung on the walls as decorative items. Furthermore, fairy lights can be used with them which will give a calmer vibe if used in balconies and cafes.


The old teapots and teacups are the perfect choice to store the small plants and flowers. Why waste the used cutlery instead of recycling it? They are very handy as they can be easily moved around and placed in the corner of the offices and used on coffee tables.


In the 21st-century mason jars are widely used for decorative purposes. The mason jars of all sizes can be used to grow the plants and flowers which need water. It is perfect for succulent plants and English ivy. The glass painting can be done on the mason jars which will add a creative touch to the container adding more beauteousness to the interior.


You have the perfect container right in your kitchen. All you have to do is remove the label. Tin cans can be used to store flowers and they can be made attractive by adding ribbons or painting them. The rigid walls and strong base aids in the storage of the flowers. However, it is not suitable to grow plants as the growth will be limited due to low capacity.


This is not something easily found in your households. However, it is a very unusual but serene option to store. The test tubes and beakers can be used. The test tube is perfect for flowers with longer stems whereas beakers are more suitable for shorter stems. They will give a cool unconventional vibe particularly more if unusual flowers are stored such as black roses, voila, hyacinth, and black pansy.


It is very convenient to turn the pitcher in the vase as it is fundamentally used to store water. You can get yourself pitchers of a different style to add a unique touch to your décor.

Final Verdict

The creative containers can be used in offices, cafes and can be hung on balconies using jute. The unconventional containers add a serene touch to the indoors.

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