History of Bridal Bouquets

Believe it or not, wedding bouquets have existed for quite some time now. They have existed for centuries in different parts of the world with their significance and symbolization. Bridal bouquets were more than decorative flower arrangements, they held meaning and served special purposes. Let us look at the historical background of bridal bouquets and how they differ from contemporary ones.

Greeks and Romans

Hera was the goddess of marriage, and family and the protector of women. Greek women honoured her by wearing garlands of greenery. In Rome, the bride and groom would also wear garlands in addition to crowns made with all kinds of flowers, herbs and spices to also honour gods.

Protection Against the Evil Spirits

In ancient times, brides were made to wear garlic and other spices, as it was believed that these spices protect against evil forces. To cover up these pungent odours, brides would carry a bouquet of fragrant flowers. The tradition to bear flowers at your wedding has stemmed from this belief.


Throughout history, flowers on the wedding day have been a symbol of love, prosperity, union and fertility. The bouquets have fragrant and beautiful flowers representing happiness. It is believed that the ribbon that ties the flowers together represents companionship, the very essence of matrimony.

Victorian Era

In the Victorian era, wedding bouquets became more meaningful when Queen Victoria used a special flower in her bouquet to honour the ancestors of Prince Albert. Ever since all the royal wedding bouquets have incorporated the flower to honour this tradition. In Victorian era, people became interested in the floriography-the language of flowers. They used meaningful flowers, especially in the bridal bouquets like asters, carnations, and dahlias that symbolize love, faithfulness, virginity and dignity.

Tossing the Bouquets

It was believed that getting a little part of the bride’s wedding dress will rub off good luck on people. In the 19th century, Victorians started the bouquet toss tradition so that single ladies can get a chance to have a little piece of the wedding day- good fortune! It is said the person who catches the bouquet will get married next.

Contemporary Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets serve more decorative than meaningful purposes now. Today brides choose whichever wedding bouquet goes with their dress and the theme of the wedding. Some get inspired by Pinterest, while others replicate a bouquet from their favourite rom-com. Bridal bouquets are now used as an accessory rather than a protector or messengers.


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