Umrah gifts and flowers for your loved ones

One of the Prophet Muhammad’s most beautiful Sunnahs is Umrah (Peace Be Upon Him). Upon hearing the word “Umrah,” every Muslim’s heart fills with joy and excitement. Umrah means performing Tawaf around the Holy Ka’aba and Sa’i between the hills of Safa and Marwah while in the sacred state of Ihram. Millions of Muslims participate in it as a form of prayer throughout the year.

The main goals of undertaking Umrah are to connect with Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala—Glory be to him, the elevated), win Allah’s pleasure, and reap the innumerable benefits of worship.

The main advantage of performing the Umrah is to win Allah’s favour. If you are successful in doing that, you will gain all the virtues in this life as well as the afterlife. Anyone who continues on this spiritual path gets cleansed of their past sins in body, heart, soul, and intellect. All of the person’s sins are forgiven and he or she comes back purified.

When people come back from Umrah, they have been purified from the sins of their past and they are given a chance to start afresh and live for the sake of Allah. It is also a great deed to welcome them back from Umrah and congratulate them. What else is the best way to congratulate your loved ones, other than giving them valuable presents to bring a smile to their face and show your love!

As it is a sacred custom to congratulate your loved ones from Umrah, there is a lot of hassle regarding what to give to them. Worry not, as we will suggest you the best and budget friendly gifts for people you love!


These days themed cakes are one of the most famous gifts to give to your loved ones. They are sweet, delicious and a sight for the sore eyes. An Umrah themed cake is a perfect gift to welcome back a loved one. On our website, you can find a number of flavor options to choose from, and a number of designs. You can customize a cake just the way you like and make your family members feel special!


Flowers are one of the best creatures of Mother nature. They are beautiful, fragrant, bright and bring pleasure to everyone who sees them. They are aesthetically pleasant and valuable if you want to show gratitude and love to someone. Welcome your loved ones back from Umrah with an adorable bouquet of your choice, and make them feel special! You can find a variety of designs and get your bouquet customized according to your preference too!

Customized Gift

Another idea to make a friend or a family member feel valued by giving a gift is to give them a customized gift. Get to know what that person likes or is there something special that they need. There are plenty of options to choose from, a book, clothes or a bag or a perfume or an electronic gadget perhaps. Get the item of their choice and wrap it up nicely and give them with love when they come back from Umrah and thank us later!

Welcoming loved ones who have just come back from Umrah and greeting them is a deed that has great rewards. Not only it makes them happy, but you can win Allah’s pleasure and bounty. You can choose from a number of options on our website and give them a present while congratulating them! May Allah accept the prayers and supplications of all who performed Umrah. Ameen!

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