How to Surprise your Best Friend on Her Birthday

Birthdays are special and important for many people. And making them a surprise for the ones you truly adore is always a good idea. If you are here in search of looking for ideas to surprise one of your best friends, then look no further because you have landed in the right place at the right time. Keep reading to find one of the many ideas shared underneath.

Midnight cake delivery

One of the coolest and easiest ways to surprise your best friend on her birthday can be by finding a delivery service that can assist you in delivering a birthday cake with and without flowers/gifts at midnight. Because what time can be better than midnight?

Food delivery

If your friend is a foodie, and she lives somewhat far from you then you can choose her favorite food online and surprise her. You can go the extra mile by sending a cool note with a birthday wish and some flowers!

A video mashup

Another wonderful idea is to make a video for your best friend that could either contain a few memories, favorite moments together, or video wishes from people your best friend adores. This will definitely surprise her as well as make her like you even more.

A photo collage from old memories

If you and your best friend have good pictures (or even blurry pictures of great moments) together, you can always choose this option. Just spend some time digging the best pictures, you can even add cool and emotional captions with them and compile them in a lovely collage for her. You can either send this online or get it framed and send it to your best friend.

A picnic basket

If you and your best friend lives in the same city then you can possibly spare some time and avail this idea. You can cook her favorite snacks and/or dishes and nicely decorate a picnic basket with flowers and handwritten notes and surprise her on the time you know she would be available. Your best friend will surely love this effort of yours.

Surprise road trip

If it’s possible you can surely surprise your best friend by booking a trip for her either by a traveling agency or you can go in your car (maybe with a few other friends too). This will help you guys to spend some quality time together and take off your best friend’s mind from work/study etc.

A gift with a handwritten note

If you guys live far or are busy meeting in person, you can always choose to surprise her by buying a gift that you know she will love. Wrap it nicely and send it with a handwritten letter about your friendship and the time you guys have spent together. This will make her happy and she will feel loved.

We hope you are now thinking of pursuing one of these ideas to surprise your best friend on her birthday. Just put in some effort and we assure you your best friend will cherish these memories of a birthday surprise for her entire life. Good luck!


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