Ideas for a surprise date with her

When was the last time you went on a date with your loved one that was a surprise? If that’s not in recent past then you should do some planning to enhance the love in your relationship. It’s not that difficult, just remember it’s not about the money it’s about caring about you girlfriend or wife and choosing what they enjoy the most! We know some of you want to do so what failed to think about the perfect and doable ideas. Don’t worry we got your back! Here are some of the ideas that you could plan which will help you make her special!

  1. Movie Date at home– Choose a movie she loves (or the genre they love) order her favorite food and tadaa!
  2. Book a nice dinner– Book her favorite restaurant for a dinner. Ask the waiter to lit a few candles and if you can arrange a few flowers for her as well. This would surely make her feel special.
  3. Room filled with roses and candles– You can decorate your bedroom with flowers and scented candles with little notes here and there. This can be a great date idea with her that she will surely love and never forget.
  4. Hot air balloon ride– If the hot air balloon is in your access you should surely try it with your girlfriend or wife. It will be one of a lifetime experience for both of you and you could talk see and enjoy everything about it.
  5. Long drive If you can’t think of any other thing just go on a long drive preferably at night. Just enjoy a long ride with music of her choice. Eat something. Buy her flowers or chocolates on the way. This will truly make her feel special.
  6. Rent a boat You can plan a lively date on the boat with her. Rent a boat and go into a lake. Enjoy the nature and talk nice. This can be a great experience!
  7. Go on a concert– Look for a concert; obviously consider her favorite music or band. Have a little fun, hear the music and dance together. You both will love it and she will surely feel very special.
  8. Picnic under the stars– Just pack a picnic and sit or lay down under the stars. Choose a spot you both love. Watch the sky, talk nice with her and we surely can guarantee you that it will be the date she can ever have.
  9. Watching sunset– Watching sunset and sitting next to her can be really great and wholesome for both of you and your relationship.

If you still can’t decide just sent her card, bouquet and chocolates and if you live far away just send then via a delivery service. Remember love is a beautiful thing and having someone by your side makes you lucky! So it’s best to surprise your loved ones often. Attest once a month. We are sure you must be thinking of doing it now! Tell us which is the one you love the most?

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