Flowers That Show Unconditional Love

Sometimes showing that you love a person unconditionally is quite tricky as you aren’t aware of how to express your feelings or you are scared you might mess it up. Flowers are an excellent way of showing your love!

Here are some flowers that will surely help you show your unconditional love!


It is no surprise that this beautiful flower is first on our list! It is known to every man and woman that this flower is the best for expressing your unconditional love for someone. While other roses have other representations, red roses represent deep and powerful feelings and symbolize love and passion. A bouquet of red roses will put a great smile on your loved ones face.


This flower is found in many bouquets nowadays, as it represents the longing and love you feel for a person who is apart from you. When you gift a bouquet of these flowers to your loved one, the person will automatically start feeling the affection you have for them as its meaning is to tell someone to take care of themselves and to stay happy.


Tulips are an extraordinary flower. They come in various colours that you can choose from such as red, purple, white, yellow and pink. If you want to express your eternal love for your significant other, gift them a bouquet of red tulips. These flowers can be given on any event and will make your partner the happiest.


The orchids are a good gift for women, but an even better gift for men as it needs minimal care for it to stay blooming. This flower is unique, as it is colourful and fragrant and is a symbol of love and elegance. Red orchids represent deep love, romance and passion and, people often use it as a gift on Valentines Day.


White carnations are an excellent present for a wedding anniversary as it represents love, care and good luck while red carnations represent deep love and admiration. A bouquet of red and white carnations mixed is a pleasant way of telling someone how much you love them.


Another flower that is amazing for showing your unconditional love is the well-known flower, peony. These flowers have a lot of different meanings such as romance, compassion, honour, bravery and good fortune. The red peonies, in particular, represent love and passion and can be given to your loved one at any stage of your relationship with them. It is a great gift and will leave your loved one smiling!


Like the previous flowers, lilacs also come in various colours, all symbolizing different meanings. White lilacs express innocence and, violet lilacs represent spirituality. The lilacs that represent love and passion are the magenta lilacs and the light purple lilacs. These two together in a bouquet will remind your partner of young love and how it has evolved!

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