Indoor Herb Garden

Are you someone who loves plants or who considers plants as their friends or pets? Do your mama love Plantation or your grandparents do the gardening to keep them busy? You have got amazing home gardening ideas that will be rocking for sure. For this, you can either try DIY or buy from any online and local store. Online stores offer both online and international delivery however many of them have one year warranty too.

  1. Hanging Plantation

A hanging plantation is something that can be found easily at any relevant store. It comes in a wooden and plastic stand. The wooden stand is preferred as it lasts long and looks great in your living room or kitchen. Apart from this, you can also hang this at your window or home entrance as it comes in different sizes so you can buy according to your desire. Moreover, it can be made customized but for this, you will have to contact a local manufacturer to avoid any inconvenience and obviously for perfection.

  1. Table Gardening

These are sort of easy to handle as it comes with small pots generally as the sets of three, four and six. It can be placed in your living room or kitchen. Mostly it is placed either in the kitchen or at any corner nearby kitchen. Table gardening kit is widely used for kitchen only as you have multiple sorts of herbs just feet away.

  1. Pocket Plantation

It is a mini vertical plantation style. It allows you to grow cute little herbs just to enhance beauty a little more. You have to be very careful while choosing your pocket plantation hanging to make sure there is no leakage issue.

  1. Self-watering Pot

Self-watering pots allow you to be free of any kind of water-related concern as it gives water according to the requirements of the plant. Water is stored at the bottom of the pots in most of the product designs. It is found to be best for herbs because it gives water to the roots directly accordingly. If you’re planning to get it, I would suggest that go for the transparent one or in any light color so that it would be easy for you to check the water level. It comes in various sizes and shapes. You can buy according to plant type and area where you are planning to place it. It also comes in larger sizes that are suitable for placing on windows or you can also place it in your kitchen rack.

  1. Herb Gardening Kit

The herb gardening kit is specially designed for herbs plantation. It also comes with led lights which are amazingly perfect for any indoor herb garden. It offers a decent material kit along with a self-watering pot too.

  1. Sticky Pots

Do you want to decorate your kitchen window with amazing herbs? Go for sticky pots. You can get it from various online websites or check your local hyper stores. These sticky pots come with a very easy handling method. Stick it to anything and you are done! Mostly it is used as some sort of window plantation.

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