First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Did you get married before or during the pandemic? Are you one of those who want to surprise their spouse more uniquely? Tired of those traditional gift ideas and want to try some cool stuff? You are in a perfect place as here you are going to explore something that is far away from “old-school anniversary gift ideas”. As it is your first-anniversary gift so it should be romantic and heart touching. Let’s know more about these.

  1. Painting of Wedding Portrait

Firstly, anything that could be very close to one’s heart is their wedding portraits. The happiest and one of the biggest day of one’s life is one wedding day. If you are good at painting, do it yourself or just hire someone through online service providers. Get your favorite couple portrait painted on a huge canvas. Wrap it decent and surprise your spouse. You can also add a message behind the canvas to express your feelings. This will touch his/her heart for sure. Hang the painting in your bedroom or living room and you are done!

  1. Make Video of One Year Journey

Make a video by yourself from the day you met till the present. Make sure that you try to make it by yourself as it would be a heartwarming gift for your spouse. Add some favorite messages from your chat to enhance the beauty. Add a song that reminds you of your beautiful moments.

Use random videos of you being with your spouse. Make it simple and casual as nobody is going to watch it except your spouse. Imagine that you are showing your love through this video. You can also add customized audio with the video. Remember imperfections has their beauty.

  1. Date Night in Your Balcony

For this, you just have to decorate your balcony pretty. Cook something delicious or just order his/her favorite food. Arrange a romantic set up with beautiful ferry lights décor. To intensify the look, use artificial flowers as it will make the ambiance magical. Rent or DIY a wooden bench and arrange a projector for a movie. Enjoy your special day with the person you love by spending quality time together.

  1. Gift Him/Her Something Related to Passion

Gift related to one’s passion never gets old. It is something that makes the person extremely excited. For example, if he is into gaming, gift him PS5 or Xbox. You can do a lot if your spouse loves gaming. You can go to a gaming pc or gaming area setup. You can buy amazing luxury gaming accessories (that he wants to buy but never buys because of being costly). Even up gradation of his pc will be a super amazing gift.

  1. Vacations with Friends

Plan something that would relax your spouse. Gift him/her something that they would not do for themselves but wishes to experience. A vacation spends with friends is not usually as people get busy after getting married. Let your spouse feel that you care about their feelings and want him/her to feel relaxed in a true manner.

  1. Diamond Ring

If your spouse is so simple and you are having a tough time deciding gifts for her or she is far away from you. You can just gift her a simple delicate diamond ring along with just a single rose. Believe me, she will love it the most.

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