Make This Eid Special By Sending Surprise Gifts To Your Friends and Family

This Eid, we may not be able to enjoy those get-togethers in our grandparent’s house, or the outings in restaurants, or those meetups a day before Eid for henna application, due to covid. But we can still enjoy it to the fullest while staying away from each other for each other’s health’s sake. If you cannot go to them, does not mean that your love cannot be sent to them. Make this Eid special by sending surprise gifts to your friends and family, not the high brand or technology-related ones but the traditional and Islamic ones.

DIY Gift Set

What can be a better gift than a gift personally made for everyone? Make a gift set for each family member or close friend, buy different items while keeping everyone’s style in your mind. Try to keep it color coordinated. Buy a beautiful basket, place everything inside neatly, cover it with a net and secure it with a ribbon bow on top. Below are the things you can buy for a female:
● Clothes
● Henna
● Jewelry
● Perfume
● Sandal
● Watch
● Abaya
● Hijab + accessories

The list of things you can buy for a male:
● Watch
● Clothes
● Perfume
● Cufflinks
● Sandal
● Gel

Few of the things you might want to add:
● Money
● Desserts
● Flowers
● Nuts
● Dry fruits
● Prayer matt
● Tasbeeh
● Fruits

Islamic Art

An Islamic showpiece. A huge metal wall art of first Kalima calligraphy engraved on a huge metal piece. A Quranic verse or Ayatul Kursi carved on word, framed in a luxurious glass. Anything that would not only protect them but also give their house a luxurious touch.

Customized Faceless Family Portrait

A customized halal portrait of your family, handmade after your order. What can be a better option than this to make this Eid special by sending surprise gifts to your friends and family?

Eid Mubarak Breakable Cake

Eid is all about yummy food and sharing happiness. What can be a better gift than a cake? This breakable cake is all over the internet nowadays. You can either order this through any local bakery or your favorite online bakers. Or you can also buy it here.

Gift Set

Make this Eid special by sending surprise gifts to your friends and family, order this Islamic gift set and get it delivered to your family on this special occasion. This gift set comes in beautiful colors and includes:
● Tasbeeh
● Shawl
● Surah Yaseen book
● Prayer mat

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