Our top summer flowers

Summers are such beautiful times. Everything looks even more bright and beautiful, as the sun shines, especially flowers, looking extremely beautiful and cheery in the bright sunlight. The sun may be blasting heat outside but the colourful summer plants and flowers in your garden can make anyone’s day cheerful. It just feels so good to be surrounded by plants and flowers, they can take away the rigours of the day.

A huge variety of summer flowers grow in Pakistan, as we mostly have warm and humid weather which promotes the growth of summer plants. You can grow most of these summer flowers from seeds, while others can be grown from fresh cuts. Summer plants are usually very resilient and don’t demand much except a constant supply of water and some shade during the scorching hours of the day. There is a huge variety of summer flowers to choose from.

Here’s a list of some of our top summer flowering plants:


Marigolds are known for their bright orange and yellow-coloured blooms that look gorgeous in the sun, it’s like having the sunshine planted in your garden. Some varieties have petals with shaded edges in darker colours, adding more beauty to them. They also have many medicinal benefits and are frequently used for these purposes.


Zinnias have cheery, colourful blooms that resemble daisy flower heads. They come in many colours and varieties, all of them equally beautiful. They also work well as cut flowers to decorate around indoors. Zinnia flowers are also known to attract butterflies, so be ready to welcome a buddy or two in your garden.

Morning Glory

Morning glories have uniquely shaped trumpet-like flowers ranging in colours from white to blue and shades of pinks and purples. Their blooms are fragrant and attract butterflies. They grow as vines and spread quickly over walls and arches, looking absolutely enchanting.


Sunflowers are very resilient plants and can tolerate very high temperatures. The name sunflower comes from the Greek word “helios” which means “sun” because their flower heads follow the movement of the sun. Their blooms make a gorgeous display in the sun. You can also use sunflower seeds to eat them yourselves or feed them to the birds.


Mirabilis is known for its big, brightly coloured trumpet-shaped blooms, ranging in colours from whites, pinks, and purples. Some species can have different coloured blooms in the same plant. The most common variety of Mirabilis is also known as the four o’clock plant because their blooms do not open until late in the day.


Gaillardia blooms resemble daisies and come in all shades of reds, oranges and yellows. They are very easy to grow and propagate quickly. They are also commonly referred to as blanket flowers because of their ability to spread quickly making them look like a blanket of flowers spread on your lawn or garden. They look spectacular at their peak growth as the sun shines bright on them.

So, have you decided on which of these top summer flowers you will be adorning your gardens with, this summer? Be ready to receive compliments from your neighbours and guests on how colourful and cheery your place looks with all the colourful beautiful blooms. You can even gift a bouquet of these flowers, handpicked from your garden to your family, friends, and guests, as personalized gifts, and make the day more delightful by sharing some cake with them too. They’ll surely appreciate this beautiful gesture. So, Hop on to our website to order from our wide variety of flowers, plants, cakes, and personalized gifts for all occasions.

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