Outdoor Floral Arrangement Ideas for Anniversary

Anniversary celebration is always special no matter how many years you have been with your spouse. To make the day extra special, try to add some uniqueness in decorating the setup. If you do the arrangements by yourself, this will touch your spouse’s heart without any doubt. To have a general idea about what is in trend nowadays, give the entire

Cozy White Tent

Out of all the trendy date ideas, the cozy white tent décor is the easiest one which also gives a luxurious look. For this, it is always suggested to do it yourself because it is quite easy and saves a lot of money. All you need is fresh flowers, a foam to attach flowers, white fabric, some cushions, a mini-tablet, and few rods to support your tent. You can also go for artificial flowers as you can use them later too. However, fresh flowers give a uniquely beautiful sight. Place a mini table at the corner and put some rose petals and scented candles in it. To give it a more romantic look you can either place a rose or a bouquet on it too. If you have enough budget, it is suggested to create a floral walkway filled with rose petals and place scented candles on both the sides of walkway.

Evening at Seaside

If your spouse loves to walk on the seashore, this would be the perfect idea to celebrate your special day with the special person. Hire someone to do it for you. Instruct them every single detail and enjoy the evening with your spouse. For this, the same items would be needed with just a few changes. There would be a table for two with shaded white curtains. Same floral and scented candles are recommended for walkway. However, you can either go for led candles to avoid any inconvenience due to the windy climate. Set the timing by keeping in mind that you have to enjoy the sunset with this beautiful view. You can also order your food here or else just have a drink with your spouse.

Backyard Flower Decoration

If you want an elegant décor within your home, you can avail your backyard to surprise your better half. Create a romantic backdrop décor with balloons and fresh flowers. Use fresh flowers to decorate the welcome board too. Place some lanterns and huge-sized candles at the sides of the welcome board to give it a romantic touch. Place single roses at some distance throughout the way to your backyard. Leave a message with every single rose. It would be great if you explain your love story in few sentences or else write about how your spouse became special for you. Cut the cake with your loved one and enjoy that beautiful moment. Do not forget to capture such moments.

Wooden Bench Movie Night

This is what you can easily do by yourself. You just need a wooden bench, fresh flowers, scented candles, a dinner setup or some snacks, cushions, a rug and a projector. It would be great if you add fairy lights to decorate the rooftop. Just decide on a perfect corner and put rug and cushion randomly to give it a casual and comfy look. Place the wooden bench in front and put rose petals. Place fresh flowers in a vase. It would be great if you have multiple vases. Place each vase at random places and put scented candles around it. Setup the projector and celebrate your anniversary by spending quality time within your comfort zone.

Car Surprise

The new thing which is quite trendy nowadays is car surprise. Here you have to fill your car trunk or dickey with lots of fresh flowers. Place a cake, a gift and attach a banner within it. Place some ferry lights to have a solution for the darkness. Darkness if you are not into filling the car trunk with a lot of flowers, you can also go for a huge-sized red roses bouquet. Arrange a human-sized bouquet to make it extra special and memorable.

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