Popular Funeral Flowers for Expressing Sympathy

Traditions differ from country to country, so make sure the culture of the family before going to a funeral. However generally, taking flowers with you at a funeral is a part of death culture. Flowers have this unique quality of giving off a message just by their color and scent. You might have experienced it where you smell a particular flower and you instantly think of an occasion linked to it. Know more about the popular funeral flowers for expressing sympathy in this article.


Lilies are traditional funeral flowers which are symbolized the departed soul has returned to its peaceful state of innocence. It also stands for purity, peace, and sympathy.


Carnations are the second most popular funeral flowers, they represent eternal grief, love, and loyalty, conveying the message ‘Even after you are gone, I will always mourn for you and love you.


Chrysanthemums have been down in history like morning flowers. They are the best option from the popular funeral flowers when mourning for someone with European or Asian background.


Dark crimson roses mean grief and sorrow. Apart from love, the red rose represents respect and courage.


These tall and majestic flowers are perfect for the funeral of someone of a strong character. During such a hard time, Gladioli conveys the message of uplighting.


In flower language, Orchids mean ‘I will always love you’. This phrase is not only for the ones who are breathing but also for the ones we have lost.

Etiquettes of Choosing the Right Funeral Flower

  • Even though white is always preferred, the color of the flower does not always have to be white. You can choose light subtle colors like peach or pink.
  • If the decreased one adored a specific flower, do not hesitate to bring it for them. It does not matter if it is a bold colored flower.
  • Do not just leave the flowers and walk away, until or unless you are not welcomed there, meet the decreased one’s family members and say a few comforting words.
  • Do not tell the decreased close ones ‘be strong’ or ‘this was God’s will’ or ‘he is in a better place’, they already know these and you telling them would not make any difference. Tell them what they want to hear, which would help them. Like ‘what can I do for your’ or ‘I will always remember you and the decreased one in my prayers’.
  • Specifically, do not tell them ‘I can feel your pain’. Because no you do not, until or unless you have lost someone with the same bond and relation, you do not. Trust me they want to scream that at you.
  • Do not just tell them that you will always be there for them, be present. Keep checking up on them even after a lot of time has passed.

According to Religions

Jewish, Muslims, and Hindus do not give and receive any flowers for funerals. Mourners are expected to come empty-handed without any flowers or gifts, in some circumstances you can politely offer money to the deceased family as support. It is better to wear light-colored clothes and not wear any makeup, jewelry, or anything fancy. For Buddhist funerals, only bring white flowers as red is considered poor funeral etiquette.

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