Perfect anniversary flowers for every milestone

You have experienced highs, lows, and everything in between since your wedding day, and now it is the time to honour your journey. Anniversary is an opportunity to surprise your spouse with something incredible, personalized, or tailored to their interests.

To help, we have rounded up our favourite anniversary flowers, the most classic and sentimental gifts you can surprise your significant other with.

Here are the traditional flowers for your wedding anniversaries.

1st anniversary:

It is the most exciting time for a newly married couple. Carnations are the traditional flowers for the first anniversary. They symbolize love, affection, and distinction.

When it comes to colours, carnations have different colours that represent different meanings.

Dark red: an intense feeling of affection

Light red expresses admiration. Both these would work perfectly to commemorate the wedding anniversary.

Paper is considered as the first-anniversary present. Don’t stress; you can incorporate paper in the form of a handwritten paper note into your bouquet. It’s a gift that sure works as a relic of your everlasting love.

2nd anniversary:

Celebrate with the love of your life on your 2nd anniversary. Cosmos will work. Cosmos’ intense beauty captures the affection of a new couple. Its mesmerizing aroma and energetic hues make it represent harmony, peace, virtue, and love.

How about you pair your cosmos bouquet with a small gift. Cotton takes the responsibility of representing the potential to stay strong and powerful through hardships. The red cosmo bouquet with cotton tied around would add a touch of bling.

3rd anniversary:

Healthy, colourful, powerful sunflowers capture all the elements of the marriage of 3 years. Its durable stem shows how 3rd year of marriage has started to put together a healthy foundation. They symbolize loyalty, adoration. Sun in the flower sunflower gives this message that they have overcome tough times and bright times are yet to come.

Leather is the traditional material for the 3rd anniversary. Put together leather accents in a bouquet or form of a leather bag. Leather symbolizes flexibility that the couple has accomplished, making it an overall wonderful gift for the anniversary.

4th anniversary:

Celebrate the 4th year of marriage with your spouse. Geraniums are known to represent the forever growing love of the couple. Intensify the message of love by choosing pink or reddish geraniums for your better half.

Also, the traditional gift is linen or silk, pair a scarf with the bouquet or incorporate a fabric tone to the vase.

5th anniversary:

Daisies are the popular 5th-anniversary flowers as they represent everlasting love. White daisies are the most accepted colour representing purity. The colours of the traditional 5th anniversary are blue or pink.

You can incorporate it in a bouquet in the form of a ribbon or a card or can buy blue or pink daisies.

10th anniversary:

You have reached a decade of your marriage, celebrate the eternal love with daffodils. The meaning daffodils carry is a renewal and revival. As it grows every spring just as the strength of your marriage. These vibrant flowers speculate the happiness of the past and the positiveness of the future.

Widely used colors are blue and silver for 10 anniversary, pick a vase of such colour or hang a blue or silvery note or a card to the bouquet.

25 anniversary:

Halfway to the golden year, Iris lends itself to be the perfect 25-anniversary flower. Honor your significant other and the quarter of a century together with a gift of an iris arrangement. Blue iris has this royalty, so there is not a better way to make your better half feel like a queen or a king.

Although not a gemstone, silver has always been associated with a 25th-anniversary gem.

50th anniversary :

Congratulations, you have reached the long-awaited golden year, which is for sure, no simple accomplishment. Gold represents the traditional color for the 50th anniversary. We can only illustrate this accomplishment with simply 2 flowers: yellow roses and violets. These flowers exemplify the life of two people who have helped one another all through the crises.

Pair your bouquet with a gold gift. Your marriage has been good as gold for the past 50 years, so make sure your gift reflects the sentiment.

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