5 Stunning Winter Flowers

Flowers are the most beautiful gift of nature; they add to the beauty like no one else. Although, they are considered sensitive, who would not be able to tolerate the harsh climate. However, it is right, most plants are not fighters, but some are. Today we are here with a list of 5 stunning winter flowers that are strong enough to fight the freezing temperature and stall tall, spreading their beauty and fragrance.

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Season: February – April

Soil: Well-drained, humus-rich, moist soil.

Sun: Full sun to light shade.

Water: Light to moderate.

These darlings are also called Galanthus. Plant these bell-shaped flowers in fall and under a late leafing tree that would allow sunlight to reach them. Plant them 2-3 inches deep and 3 inches apart, in a group of at least 25 bulbs. Remember to keep the soil moist throughout the growing period.

Pieris Japonica

Season: Late winter-early spring.

Soil: Well-drained, slightly acidic, moist soil.

Sun: Partial to full sun.

Water: Deeply once a week.

If the soil is not rich with organic matter, consider working on a layer of compost. Plant them in spring or fall. Plant the shrubs 6-7 feet apart. The soil must be moist 3 inches deep. Avoid over-saturating the soil.

Cherry Blossom

Season: Late autumn – early spring

Soil: Well-drained, away from strong wind.

Sun: Full sun

Water: Water thoroughly and regularly till the tree is well established. Water more during harsh summer.

Plant these famous beautiful trees in early fall. Place them in a spot where they will get full sunlight and well-drained soil away from strong wind. Remember to keep the flowering trees safe from extreme heat and cold. Plant in pairs on either side of an entry for a beautifully covered arch. We are absolutely a fan of cherry blossoms which is why it was mandatory to mention them in this list of 5 stunning winter flowers.


Season: Late winter-early spring.

Soil: Well-drained, sandy soil. Rock garden.

Sun: Partial to full sun.

Water: Very light.

Plant these babies in fall before the ground freezes. These easy-going babies can be planted anywhere if they get full sun and well-drained soil, just do not plant them in dense shade. Plant them 3-4 inches deep, 3 inches apart, and in small groups of 8-10 per foot. These babies are my favorite on this list of 5 stunning winter flowers.


Season: Fall to mid of spring

Soil: Well-drained, slightly acidic, moist soil.

Sun: Partial shade to full shade.

Water: Water regularly for the starting years and keep the soil moist.

Their blooming season varies from variety to variety so make sure which kind of Camellias are you going for before planting them. Camellias can be planted in fall, spring, or winter in zone 8-10 however in zone 6-7 they must be planted in spring. Keep them away from strong light and wind. Plant them at least 15 feet apart all around and avoid planting them too deep. These beauties live long, some are 100+ years old.

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