Plant Care For Summer

Plants provide freshness and elegance to your house and enhance your mood too but at the same time, they require proper care. When summer sets in, you need to be extra vigilant in taking care of them to protect them from withering during the heatwave. They are also living beings and get affected by the extreme weather.  For plants, summer is also marked as the season of growth. This is the best time for them for ample growth which can be done by your proper watering, light and certain other factors.

Four Tips For Summer Care Of Your Plants:

You would surely like to look after your plants especially when they are received as gifts by your loved ones. Here are a few quick and handy tips to prevent them from decaying in summers:

Water Them Well:

The key to plant care in summer is proper watering. You should be aware of the watering needs of your plant because all of them have different requirements. They need to be hydrated deeply. The summer wave evaporates soil water quite faster than during the other seasons that is why they need to be watered deep but slowly. The water gets drained faster if you pour a lot of water at a time because the plant doesn’t get time to soak it. In the same way, if you pour little water, then the topsoil will only get wet while the lower roots will be deprived of it.

Keep A Check At the Sun Exposure:

You need to keep the window plants in a shade that receives direct sunlight, especially during midday. You can simply rotate the plants every few days to provide sun exposure to each side. However, there are some exceptions like cacti and succulents that do not get much affected by summer heat as tropical plants do.

Avoid Repotting:

When you keep plants, there is repotting done before the summer season always because it requires trimming which could damage the leaves. If you plan to do it in summer then it could risk your plant of shock and stress.

Learn To Know The Signs Of Stress:

It is better to catch the sign of stress in your plant before it damages the whole of it. Most of the signs relate to very little watering or too much heat exposure. You can recognize stress through their burnt and rough brown leaves, brown spots or yellow patches which are sunburn signs. Flowers and leaf drops are also hints of plant stress.

Keeping plants is an amazing experience if you know the right ways of taking care of them. They will be your best companion for years just by handling them carefully.

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