Plants to Gift on Valentine’s Day

Sending rose to your loved ones on Valentine’s day has always been a tradition, it is the easiest and simplest way to show your immense love for them. Chocolates, soft toys, and perfumes are always the next option but what if you gift them something that would not only be healthy for them and their family but will also stay in front of them for a long time– plants! This will work best if the recipient loves plants. Apart from being just their preference, plants are genuinely a healthy gift, it provides the much-needed freshness in our life by brightening up our house and freshening up the air around us. Today we are here with a list of plants to gift on valentine’s day for you to choose your next right gift.


If you would ask us, lavender is the second most romantic flower in our point of view. The deadly combination of a heavenly gorgeous flower with the most intoxicating fragrance, what do you ask more in a romantic plant?

Not only do they add beauty to our lives, but they also help us relax, sleep better, release stress, calm anxiety by impacting the part of the brain that controls emotions, which is why it has been used in aromatherapy since forever. It also helps reduce heart rate and blood pressure, relieves asthma, and promotes hair growth along with other health benefits.

As much as lavenders are a piece of heaven for humans, it is the quite opposite for cats, dogs, and horses.

Sweetheart Cactus

What can be a better option in this list of plants to gift on valentine’s day, than a heart-shaped plant? Just like their name, these little heart-shaped buddies are sweet enough to be your roommate as they need minimal care and are okay with one or two watering per month. Keep them where they can get the brightest sunlight.

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Bleeding Heart

Another heart-shaped plant that we just could not step aside while making this list of plants to gift on valentine’s day, is Lamprocapnos Spectabilis, or bleeding heart, often known as Dicentra Spectabilis (which was its old name but now listed as a synonym). They are known for their uniquely shaded pink and white, long arching stems that drip down the delicate heart-shaped flower.

Despite their charming appearance they cannot be eaten as they cause an upset stomach, so keep them out of children and pet’s reach.

Variegated Monstera

Variegation means when plants have yellow and creamy white splashes on their leaves, this occurs due to the cell mutation. Furthermore, they have variegated sections. This random occurrence of variegation in plants is known as chimeric. Variegated Monstera are hard to grow, they require a lot of patience and skills. They are also highly demanded all over the world which makes them rare to find therefore they are expensive to buy. Which is why gifting them will convey the message of you being a partner that will go an extra mile for the happiness of your loved on.


This beautiful plant comes mostly in white, red, and pink but you can also find them in luxurious colors like orange, purple, black, yellow, green, pink, and even blue. They are even heart-shaped sometimes. These plastic-looking (waxy) blooms grow well under bright but indirect light. Water them twice a week.

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