Meaning and Symbolism of Roses

No wonder the eye-catching beauty of rose makes it everyone’s favorite flower until or unless they grow old and get interested in another flower. Since forever roses are attached with the meaning of love, there is no other way in this world that matches the words of love with a classic rose. Even the intoxicating fragrance of rose reminds you of love and romance. But is rose more than just love? Find out more about roses as today’s article is going to be all about this heart whelming flower, all about the meaning and symbolism of roses.

Red Rose

The whole world knows the meaning of the red rose but how can we leave it behind when talking about the meaning and symbolism of roses. Apart from being a true sign of love and romance, red roses also represent beauty, perfection, longing, and passion.

Orange Rose

From love to hatred, roses especially the orange rose, represent every emotion you are feeling. Orange roses mean pride, enthusiasm, passion, fascination, gratitude, pizzaz, and elegance

Yellow Rose

People who once used to take yellow rose as a sign of jealousy and greed did not do justice with its beauty. Thankfully, it is now taken as a sign of friendship, care, and remembrance. As a gift, it will get the message across of warmth, affection, and appreciation.

Green Rose

There are approximately 150 species of rose, furthermore, thousands of hybrids can be found varying from hues and shapes, yet green roses are often misunderstood to not exist. They are rare but they do exist. They are often found in the wild. They mean fertility, prosperity, harmony, and rebirth. As a gift, they convey the message of good health and prosperous life.

Black Rose

The most controversial of all roses, the black rose is untrue. It is not fully black. Naturally, it is the result of the deepest hues of maroon, purple and blue. Unnaturally, it is the result of keeping a light-colored rose in water with black dye. Just like it is being, it represents mystery, illusion and on the darker side, they represent death, hatred, and the end of a feeling.

Blue Rose

Being the rarest of all the roses, the blue rose takes the honor of being the most expensive one yet often misunderstood to not exist or be dyed. They mean mystery, ultimate desire, and lust. As a gift, they represent unwinnable love. We can smell a secret admirer…


While talking about the meaning and symbolism of roses, there is no way we are skipping the most interesting part, which is the tradition of roses. Not just the color of the rose has a meaning, the number of roses given also has a secret message behind it.

  • Single Rose Conveys the message of ‘love at first sight’.
  • Half Dozen Roses Conveys the message of ‘I want to be yours’.
  • One Dozen Roses Conveys the message of ‘I love you’ and ‘be mine’.
  • Two Dozen Roses Conveys the message of ‘I belong to you’.
  • Nine Roses Symbolizes ‘eternal love’.
  • Ten Roses Conveys the message of ‘you are perfect’.
  • Long-stemmed Rose Conveys the message of ‘I love you deeply’. Conveys the message of ‘I will remember you always’.
  • Petite Rose These small roses are known as ‘sweetheart’ roses. Conveys the message of affection towards one another.

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