Show your love with Lilies

Showing your love through flowers might be the most cliche and old-school way but it always works. Flowers have been used as a symbol of love for centuries. It not only represents romantic love instead it is used to express the emotions of friendship, gratitude and guilt.

All the flowers have their essence and charm however there is a particular association with lilies and they represent purity. The Greek mythology of Heera and Zeus makes people see lilies as the symbol of calmness, purity and motherhood.

Below mentioned are the ways one can use lilies to express their love to close ones :

To celebrate friendship

One of the purest and most selfless relationships which exist is friendship. Two people choosing to love one another without any blood relation makes it super special. There shouldn’t be a particular day to celebrate these relationships as they make life worth living. However, The best way to celebrate friendship on friendship day is by gifting them a box of chocolate with white lilies which are the symbol of purity and virtue.

Gift at a housewarming party

Gifts which have symbolic importance make them super extraordinary. Getting the pink lilies which symbolise prosperity and abundance is indeed a fabulous way to congratulate the people embarking on their new journey. One can get a piece of useful equipment or personalised gift and pair it with lilies to pass on the good vibes and positivity to the people who are on their rite of passage.

To celebrate anniversaries

Anniversaries and valentine’s day are incomplete without the touch of red and bright flowers and this is where the red lilies come in. Red lilies are one of the most beautiful flowers that symbolise love and passion.

Whether it is a first date night or 30th wedding anniversary, red lilies are something which can never get old or boring. One can choose to gift a bouquet of lilies or might use them to decorate the whole venue to express love in the best possible way.

To celebrate the success

No matter how old we get, we always love it when people do little gestures to celebrate our happiness. The success seems to double and grief vanishes if we have that one right friend with us.

If you are that friend who is looking for something to congratulate your friend and celebrate their success then all you need is a bouquet of orange lilies which represents pride, confidence and wealth.

To show gratitude

It is really important to show our gratitude to the people who do significant jobs in our life. It can be your driver, that school guard or that office clerk. These people work tirelessly and try to make things smooth for us.

The best way to show thankfulness to these people is by giving them yellow lilies which symbolises thankfulness and enjoyment. You never know how few lilies can make someone go in their difficult times. and will just literally make their day.

So, if a birthday or any special occasion listed above is around the corner, don’t forget to take lilies with you. Not sure where to get fresh lilies from? Head over to our website to get the perfect lilies for yourself !!

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