Poppy Flower

Do you know someone whose birthday is in August? If yes, then you’re probably already fretting over what gift to give to them. Other than the usual decorative cakes or personalised gifts, you can make the day even more special for an August born by giving them their birth flower; a poppy.

The paper-like blossom of the Poppy flower is recognised worldwide, but the wildflower commonly grows in parts of the USA. Most people are only aware of the red Poppy flower, which is usually used at memorial events.

However, little do people know that there are plenty of other vibrant colours of the Poppy flower that exist. These vibrant poppy flowers do not just add beauty to a flower bouquet, but each colour represents a different emotion or symbolism.

Let’s take a look at what each poppy flower colour represents and the events they can be used for:

Red Poppy

Red poppies have dual symbolism depending on where they’re used. In the western side of the world, such as America, Canada and Mexico, the poppy flower is often used as a symbol of remembrance or death. This is why you will often see red poppies on events like memorial day etc.

On the other hand, in Eastern countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan; red poppy flowers are a symbol of love and success as well. They are used in bouquets along with roses to beautify the overall look of the flower arrangements.

Purple Poppy

Know someone who is about to step into a creative field of work? Wish them good luck and a flourishing imagination by giving them a bouquet of purple poppies.

Purple poppies represent imagination, and can therefore be given to someone who is about to embark on a creative journey.

On the other hand, western countries believe that Purple poppies should be used to commemorate the war animals who were killed during World War I.

White Poppy

In the West, people use white poppies during funerals or memorials. You may have noticed people wearing a mixture of white and red poppies to memorial services. This is because both flowers mean the same in the West.

However, in the East, white poppies symbolise peace and tranquillity. They are often used in wedding ceremonies or during the birth of a baby.

Quite odd but very interesting how the same colour can represent two completely different things depending on the country!

Blue Poppy

Again, while western countries use blue poppies – or mostly known as Meconopsis – as a sign of remembrance for those who have departed, the symbolism of blue poppies is quite different for those belonging to Asian countries.

In Asian countries, blue poppies are given to people to wish them wealth and success. They are commonly gifted to those who are starting a new job, those who are graduating, or someone who has just moved to a new house.

Blue poppies are used to wish them success, good wealth as well as luxury in their lifestyle.

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