The Art of Flower Jewelry

Flowers are magical. They can turn the world upside down. When you are not feeling good, flowers cheer your mood up. Flowers perk up decor and express your pure feelings.

When words fail, flowers say it all. Flowers have a refreshing influence on your psyche; flowers take the style to the next level and give your wardrobe a splash of fresh inspirational feeling. During special occasions and weddings, floral jewelry is a perfect choice to add elegance to your appearance.

Ornamenting flowers is not new to the world. It is widespread from South Africa to Asia and from Hollywood celebrities to Bollywood celebrities, and now in our daily life, flowers are always a part of fashion statements and lifestyle. Our fashion icons have used their interest and influence to make floral ornaments look glamorous and stylish.

Floral jewelry is delicate, beautiful, and unique. Flower jewelry is preferred to be worn at daytime events because the sun-shine highlighted the natural floral colors and reflect their delicacy with brightness.

In history, there are many stories of women who adorn themselves with beautiful, delicate floral jewelry created by a combination of different flowers. Earrings, maang-tika, necklace, bracelet, anklet, etc. are standard floral jewelry worn by women, especially in the Eastern culture. Now in modern times, floral jewelry is also preferred for mehndi, haldi, mayoon ceremony, as well as on the wedding day and baby shower, etc.

Types of Flowers Used for Floral jewelry:

Flowers have their own unique and elegant fragrance and magnificent beauty. Some Specific flowers for floral ornaments grow in some particular regions like marigold, sunflower, jasmine, lotus, are commonly found in Pakistan and India.

Not only these flowers are used in jewelry making, but roses of all colors are also used to create floral ornaments for brides and others. Roses always compliment attire perfectly, and marigold, sunflower are the ones that last long as compared to other flowers.

Types of Floral Jewellery:

Floral jewellery has become trendy for weddings, and every bride love to wear it for pre-wedding and wedding functions.

There are several ways to include this elegant fashion to your wedding look. Here are some new ways brides are wearing floral jewelry, not just earrings but floral dupattas too.

Floral Earrings:

Floral earrings are delicate, light in weight, and lovely to wear. The bride can wear it with heavy gotta-Kinari dupatta and flourish her beauty.

Floral Bangles/ Kalire:

Floral bangles, aka hand gajras and Indian Kalire, also known as floral bracelets, go through with beautiful bridal attire. They are perfect with yellows oranges pinks and reds flowers and create great compliments to bridal dresses and ceremonies. These Gajras presented to guest ladies as a welcome gift in wedding functions.

Floral Mathapatti & Maangtikka:

White and yellow Mathapatti and maang-tika look magnificent on the Mehdi and mayoon bride. It represents a genuine turmeric crown on the bride’s head and looks like a queen is on top.

Floral Jhumar:

A beautiful floral Jhumar is preferred for the bridal look on the Mehdi day. Without the Jhumar brides are no seems to be unique with other girls, so on the yellowish occasion, Jhumar is a must go with the bridal jewelry.

Floral Hairstyles:

Floral hairstyles are gorgeous and preferred in Pakistan and Indian brides. Floral jewelry like gajras or simples roses is a must for brides to wear in her hairs, not by compulsory rituals but to elaborate beauty.

Floral Neckpiece:

A full floral neckpiece of different flowers is the best ornament for bridal ceremonies, as well as would-be mother celebrations.

Floral Dupatta:

Apart from all the Floral Jewellery, there is a new trend of floral Dupatta on the peak. A beautiful decorative net with a dense floral border is loveable among newly mothers on baby shower and bridal Mehdi or Nikkah ceremony. It creates a unique traditional look in a celebration.

The trend of floral jewelry is here for a long time, but brides seem to be crazier about it now a day equally. Moreover, you will not deny that this gorgeous floral jewelry immediately raises the bride’s attire and make her look glamorous.

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