Dry Fruit Baskets – An Ideal Gift for Winter

Gifts bring great rejoicing to everyone; no matter you are sending the gift or at the receiving end. People around the world appreciate and admire gifts and use them to express their feelings to their loved ones.

Dry fruits are one of the best gifts for winter. They are loaded with love and nutrition. You can gift dry fruits to your health-conscious fellows and friends as well.

Dry-fruits are a powerhouse of nutrients; they are proven to be the best choice gifts for any event and ceremonies. There is not a better alternative to a fresh assorted collection of seasonal dry- fruits like dates, almonds, walnuts, cashews, dried figs, chestnuts, pine nuts, dried cranberries, and dried plums.

You don’t have to think twice before gifting someone a dry-fruit basket, as this gift would be appreciated by everyone regardless of their age.

Dry Fruits you can Include in a Gift Basket:

Pakistan is a beautiful country with blessed nutritional soil. There is a wide range of dry-fruits grown in the northern areas of Pakistan.

Following is the list of some of the main dry fruits you can have in your gift baskets customized for the people you care for:

1. Walnuts:

The beautiful golden-brown, shinny head like shaped along with amazing taste and health benefits, walnuts are one of the preferred and favorite dry-fruit for the winters. They are good sources of monounsaturated fats and help to neutralized cholesterol and good for blood circulation.

2. Dates:

Dates are the main attraction of the dry-fruit basket. The Ajwa dates and Mabroom dates are the best for presenting as they are soft and melt in the mouth with unique nutty flavors. Sughai and Kudri dates are suitable for those who love to chew the dates. Dates enhance the metabolism as these are rich in fructose and dextrose. They have simple sugars for jump-start the body’s metabolism.

3. Almonds:

Almonds grow on a large scale in Pakistan. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium. Almonds maintain normal blood pressure and maintain healthy heart function; a lot of other immune system problems can be reduced by eating almonds. Almonds are not only used as snacks, but many people use them in cooking as well.

4. Pistachios:

These green, salty, and little cup-like nut; pistachios are unique for their mildly nutty taste. Pistachios are a symbol of energy and passion. It gives delight to taste and high strength and robust health. Pistachios contain proteins and healthy nutrients. They are best for the gift as they represent beautiful green reflection to the nuts basket.

5. Peanuts:

What an immense zeal to sit around a fire with the full family in a foggy night and having peanuts with hot chit chats. Yes, peanuts are the best nut to reunite the family in cold winters and loved by every Pakistani. They are a power pack of mono-saturated fats and vitamins.

6. Dried Plums and Figs:

No one will ever deny their love with the dried sweet and sour plums, magnificent figs, and their crunchy seeds and dried Khubannis. The sweet and sour taste boosts the senses and rejuvenates the mood.

7. Pine nuts, Chestnuts, and Cashews:

If you can afford and want to present an expensive gift, chestnuts, and cashews, and pinenuts are a brilliant choice for this purpose. They are oily and power-packed. The brown and golden colors mesmerized the senses, and the taste will be out of the world.

Dry-Fruit Baskets is for all Occasions:

There are several special occasions in our life to rejoice and celebrate. On these festivals and events, you make great memories with friends and families. Gifts and celebrations are always knotted. Dry-Fruit baskets are perfect for making your memories special. These unique gifts can be customized and perfect for every event of life like Birthdays, Mother Day, even at weddings.

The following factors make the Dry-fruit basket a gorgeous gift.

  • Easy Deliverable
  • Healthy and heat-providers in winters
  • Easy on Pocket
  • Taste Diversity and unique variety
  • Perfect for any event in winter

Presenting fruit and dry-fruits baskets as gifts are extraordinary. It does not only express your love to others but it is also a healthy alternative customary gift box. Dry fruits develop a deep emotional connection with each other in winter.

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