The birth flower of the month August

Very few people around the world know that there’s a flower associated with your birth month. Just like horoscopes and birthstones, each month has its flower. Horoscopes and birthstones might not fascinate people a lot but with birth flowers, you can do a lot of fun things. Knowing each month’s flower can be very handy when choosing the bouquet you want to send to someone as a birthday gift.

Here’s a complete guide to the birth flowers of August.


Here’s the splendid gladiolus that rises high to show off all its colors to the world, blooming from the late spring until well into fall. Isn’t this beauty an ideal fit for your dining table vase or your garden?

Shape and color of gladiolus

This flower is famous around the world for having tall, spiky blooms that grow on both sides of the stem making each stem look unique and beautiful.

It comes in white symbolizing virtue, pink symbolizing kindness and compassion, yellow exemplifying cheerfulness, red is deep love, and purple for grace.

Meaning and symbolism

It has a very unique scientific name, gladiolus comes from the Latin word gladius meaning sword. Moreover, it has so many meanings, the most common ones involve honesty,  devotion, and passion. Moreover, It symbolizes internal strength and strong moral values.

Poppy flower

The birth flower of August is a poppy flower too. One of the most popular wildflowers in the United States. Often grown in gardens for its vibrant flowers.

Poppy flowers grow out in different colors such as pink, purple, red, blue, and white.

White poppy flowers are famous in Asia mainly in China and Japan. People buy poppy flowers for funerals as it symbolizes peace and hope.

Interestingly, the poppy flower was used as a reminder in the past for the first world war and for people that died during it.

The red poppy flower is a pure symbol of sacrifice, love, and passion. Usually, it depends on where you live. In the east, people give poppy flowers to someone expressing deep love and affection. So the meaning could be either good or bad depending on which part of the world you live in.

The happy colors, pink, purple, and blue. Representing luxury, and success.


As mentioned above, the poppy flower connotes both positive and negative meanings. Below we will explain to you both, so you get a chance to choose it for the right event.

Firstly, it was believed that poppy flowers symbolize the death of the people of the first world war. Nowadays, this flower is used in the same meaning, seen at funerals and other such events symbolizing remembrance for the dead person and condolence.

However, it is also believed that the unique poppy flowers connotate magic and imagination. Not only that, it is perceived as a symbol of luxury in some parts of the world.

You might be confused to read many meanings to a single flower. So we recommend you to use this flower for many different ceremonies. It will for sure make the whole ceremony more special and give a luxurious feel.


Poppy comes from a Latin word meaning ‘Milk’. It is native to the Sumerian people. Like many other flowers, it has various meanings. The most common of them include relaxation, recovery, remembrance, and consolation. If you feel like the other person has so much on his plate, and he needs a little appreciation for his hard work, you can send them a poppy flower bouquet. It will make him happy and most importantly give his nerves a calming effect.

In eastern culture, it is a symbol of love and passion. Whereas, West takes it in an opposite meaning for death, eternity, and peace.

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