Traditional sympathy flowers

Words are sometimes not enough to make someone feel better when they have lost their loved ones. It’s natural to reach out to them and try to decrease their suffering. Flowers are indeed an intimate way to show you care. When you are at a loss for words, ceremonial flowers allow your sentiments to be conveyed in silence. They speak your emotions and feelings beautifully and are definitely a wonderful thing to present for sympathy.

While Choosing an appropriate bouquet can be difficult in such troubling times, it can surely ease the bereavement process.

However, the selection process is not easier when the moment comes. Without any previous knowledge of where to get the bouquet, which one to get, you will get lost easily during the whole thing.

Our team is here to help you out when you are in such circumstances. You can ask our professionals, they will assist you through the entire process. They will surely help you make a more informed choice.

Ahead, we have listed a few traditional flowers appropriate for funerals and sympathy you can choose from.

1. Lilies

The most traditional sympathy flower is here- it’s lily. Lilies symbolize and represent purity and devotion. Colors play a significant role in a flower’s meaning. The normally used flower lily has its meaning depending on the hues. The white lilies depict innocence, so they are the common choice for funerals.

2. Carnations

Carnation symbolizes eternal grief, affection, and loyalty. It’s a flower that is long-lasting and fragrant. White variety signifies deep sorrow exhibiting a powerful message of respect and honor while pink carnations represent remembrance. Whichever you choose to give, they will express your feelings fully.

3. Chrysanthemums

Solely to pay cheerful tribute at the funerals, chrysanthemums are generally used. Chrysanthemums symbolize life and comfort. When words are not enough you can truly rely on chrysanthemums to express your feelings.

White or yellow, the choice is yours.

4. Roses

If ever there was a flower that makes the world smile, it is a rose. There is nothing wrong with making someone feel better at funerals. With pretty detailed petals and signifying sorrow, humanity will work perfectly as a sympathy flower. A Rose bouquet is a symbol of enduring love regardless of what color you choose.

5. Hydrangea

For it symbolizes true heartfelt emotions, people bring it to show sympathy or at funerals. It doesn’t mean that sympathy flowers should only be cut flowers. You can send potted hydrangeas to show your continued support to the family. A good thing, It will grow afterward for years.

Funeral and sympathy flowers are a traditional and touching way to pay tribute and show deep remorse to bereaved families.

There are so many ways to arrange sympathy flowers. You can ask the flourish to arrange baskets or bouquets for you. So have you decided on which flower bouquet you want to deliver to the bereaved family? Browse more options on our website.

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