The Symbolic Meaning of Flowers

Did you know each flower has its special meaning and is believed to symbolize a certain thing? The language of flowers is something that is still being practiced and never gets out of fashion. Instead, the trend of expression through flowers has been increased. People are now aware of multiple reasons why a specific flower is gifted on a certain occasion.

  1. Roses

Meaning – Love and Affection.

Red roses are symbolized as love and pink roses are symbolized as grace. However, the orange roses are the symbol of passion and the yellow roses represent friendship. The roses in white color show purity and innocence. The roses in black (which are dark purple) symbolizes goodbye and death.

  1. Lavender

Meaning – Calmness and Grace.

The word Lavender is derived from a Latin word that means to wash. That’s what the flower does. It washes out the nervousness in just a swipe and makes you feel calm. The Lavenders are the symbol of purity and royal calmness. The purple color is a sign of royalty so the flower is also symbolized as the great stress reliever.

  1. Lilies

Meaning – Freshness and Fertility.

In flower language the lilies represent rebirth. However, the meaning varies depending on the color. Lilies in white symbolize rebirth, pink as respect and appreciation, orange as confidence while yellow is the same as the rose that is friendship.

  1. Orchid

Meaning – Strength and Comfort.

Orchids in purple color symbolize royalty as the color says itself. Orchids in white symbolize purity, respect, and innocence. While the yellow has the same meaning of friendship and pink shows joy but the orange orchids represent passion and commitment.

  1. Carnations

Meaning – Pure Love and Caring.

As Carnations resembles roses in appearance, they also have similar meanings as roses. Carnations in white show pure love, red color shows a deep love and the pink color shows a mother’s love. The Carnations in pink are widely used to express feminine love that is why the flower is in demand during the period of mother’s day. In many areas, Carnations are also symbolized as good luck that is why mostly graduation bouquets are of Carnations.

  1. Peony

Meaning – Compassion, Prosperity, and Romance.

These are symbolized as bravery in Chinese. While the Peonies are the symbol of honor and good luck in Japanese culture. In some areas, the flower is also considered as the symbol of wealth and honor. Peony in white color shows apology, shame, and regret.

  1. Iris

Meaning – Courage, Hope, Faith, and Wisdom.

Iris in white color is considered to be lucky if included in the bridal bouquet as it symbolizes purity. Moreover, the Iris in purple color represents royalty while yellow symbolizes desire and blue shows hope.

  1. Tulips

Meaning – Deep Love.

Tulips mainly refer to unconditional love, the love could be for anyone whether it is your partner, parents, or children. Tulips in red show love while Tulips in pink color shows an expression of caring.

  1. Sunflower

Meaning – Loyalty and Dedication.

The sunflower is generally considered the flower of happiness. It is used to express joy and happy memories.

  1. Amaryllis

Meaning – Beauty and Success.

The flower is the symbol of good fortune and success. Commonly, people give Amaryllis to those who achieved success through a lot of handworks.

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