Trending flowers and gift ideas for mother’s day

The time has come! Yes, mothers day is around the corner and we can’t wait to showcase our love and affection for our mothers in unique ways. Can we agree on the fact that mothers sometimes go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure their children feel safe and happy?

This day has come with an opportunity to go the extra mile and make her feel like a queen and show how much you appreciate the sacrifices and struggles she has made for her family throughout life.

Our professionals dug in a little deeper so our customers don’t have to and came up with a helpful mothers’ day trending gifts and flowers guide. Thus, don’t fret, scroll down to find everything for any kind of mom!

Gift and flower ideas depending on the Colors associated with Mother’s Day:

Different shades of pink and purple are usually associated with Mother’s Day. Following are some ideas based on these colours:

Flowers Ideas:

Using different colours of flower carnations is a good idea in a gift combo.

Pink Carnations:

These are meaningful because of the emotion of “Gratitude” associated with the colour. And no one else is more deserving of this emotion than mothers.

Red Carnations:

The red carnations are symbols of “Love and Affection.” The red colour is also associated with love and romance when used on Valentine’s Day. So using red coloured carnations is extremely thoughtful for the wonderful person a mother is.

Trending Gift ideas for mothers day:

If your language is gift-giving, surprise your mother with thoughtful and creative gifts on this mothers day. Here are a few meaningful gift suggestions from our side:

Gift Baskets:

Gift baskets are a great option to consider. You can customize it with all the items your mother likes. Various shops online offer such customised baskets. Decide on a theme and pick gifts accordingly. If your mother is a fitness enthusiast, a yoga blanket, exercise ball and massage cream would be perfect combination. For a fashionista mom, a dainty gold necklace, jewellery cleaning essentials and high-end make-up would make a perfect basket.


Does your mother have a sweet tooth? Spoil her on mothers day with extra fudge brownies. Choose toppings of her choice and get two boxes instead of one, since it is all about making them happy.

Spa date with her friends:

Who doesn’t dream of a spa date with their friends! We have been dreaming about it since the 4rth grade. A little stretch, but ok!! Invite your mother’s friends over to her house and give them a surprise with a relaxing home spa day. Make them their favourite smoothies and play loud classic music! Isn’t it cool,  your mother and her friends would never forget this day?

So, have you decided which of these suggestions is best for commemorating Mother’s Day? Visit our website to get fresh and ready-to-eat cakes, personalized presents, and flowers to make this mother’s day memorable for her.

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