Fragrant flowers for your home

Who doesn’t like a nice smelling house? Synthetic air fresheners and scented candles don’t always manage to keep the house smelling nice and fresh for longer periods, and then there is that underlying chemical smell that causes mild headaches in most people following long exposure. Have you ever considered a natural way to keep your house smelling nice and fresh all day long? What’s better than natural house plants with aromatic flowers to give you a fragrant household all the while adding decor to your house!

Here is a list of some of our favourite naturally fragrant flowering plants to fill your house with real floral scents and keep it fresh all day long, the all-natural way!

Rose (Rosa)

Roses are famous for their beauty and intoxicating fragrance. There are many types of roses, all competing with each other in beautiful colours and scents. As beautiful as they are, rose plants demand a lot of care and attention. Most species of roses have thorny branches, so if you plan to keep them in your house, don’t forget to trim the thorns. Rose plants also require mild sunlight, so placing them on your window sill should do the job. Nothing says beauty and fragrance like a rose plant.

White Jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum)

There are many species of jasmine but not all are fragrant. This particular species of Jasmine has white flowers and produce a soft and fresh floral smell all through the day but especially at night. They require regular watering and sunlight, so keep them in a well-lit area or near windows to see them bloom.

English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Lavenders can really brighten up your space with beautiful purple flowers. They have a very distinctive elegant fragrance that’s sure to spread relaxing vibes in your home. They are easy to care for but ask for regular watering and ample sunlight, keeping them in artificial light will work too. The living room is the best place to keep Lavender plants, to welcome your guests with its pleasing smell.

Gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides)

Gardenia plants have distinctive green glossy leaves and beautiful white flowers that give off a strong floral scent. They are mainly outdoor plants but very popular indoors too. Because of their dual nature, they need proper care such as good fertilizer, regulated temperature, sunlight and humidity in a maintained environment to properly thrive.

Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus)

Sweet pea plant is mainly an outdoor plant but can be grown indoors too with proper care. They are famous because of their small bloom size which more than makes up for it with their sweet and gentle fragrance. These delicate flowers are sure to bring a pop of colours and a pleasing smell wherever you decide to place them. However, they look the best on window sill flower beds.

So have you decided on which of these fragrant flowering plants you will be bringing to your home? Not only do these plants brighten up your space and their fragrance positively impacts your mental health, but they make for wonderful personalized gifts as well. So the next time you decide to bring cakes to your friend’s party, surprise them by giving them a fragrant flowering plant of their favourite scent. Hop on to our website to order from our wide variety of flowers, plants, and cakes for all occasions.

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