Unique gift ideas for best friend’s birthday

We have the responsibility of turning your best friend’s birthday into a very unforgettable occasion. With that being said, our professionals have come up with a whole lot of extraordinary gifts you can absolutely credit as your brilliance – no worries we won’t tell.

If your best friend is getting ready to celebrate her birthday, you should start planning gifts to take her celebrations to another level. Keep scrolling for unique gift ideas.

Personalized jewelry box

Your best friend’s precious jewelry deserves a jewelry box for storage. And what better place to store those brackets and necklaces than a personalized box given by her best friend.

Candy basket

Before your best friend’s birthday rolls up, make sure you have her gift packed and ready. A candy basket is perfect for someone who has a sweet tooth. Make sure to add a variety of candies and get the basket personalized by any shop. Pair it with a flower bouquet and a handwritten note. This gift is enough to make your friend feel that you exceptionally value her!

A small plant

You have found it. Make it more personal this time with gifting a plant. The presence of plants in a room is really going to make the air fresher around you. Moreover, it is a good gift as it will keep reminding your best friend of you whenever she will look at it and it survives long.

Makeup case

Upgrade your best friend’s make-up case on her birthday this time. Fill it up with her favorite cosmetic goodies. We are ready to deliver a perfect gift to someone who is a make-up freak.

Quarantine alternatives

Deliver to her house food

Isn’t food the fastest way to a person’s heart? Why don’t you send your best friend their favorite food this birthday? Does your best friend like lasagna? Why don’t you pair it with a birthday note written for her? Think of some other food items. What is your best Friend raving about these days? A chocolate fudge cake or a brownie? Whatever it is, order it from her favorite bakery and get it delivered to her house. Don’t forget the idea of customizing the cake.

A video birthday wish

Perhaps the best and wonderful way to surprise a friend on their birthday is to create a video mashup. It’s pandemic and it’s impossible to gather friends under one roof. However, don’t let a silly situation damper your fun plans. You can still surprise your best friend…ONLINE. Hear us out.

Ask your mutual friends to make a small few seconds clip wishing them a birthday and telling them how much they value their friend. Ask a musically inclined friend to sing a song for her and wish her that way. Collect all the clips and make a mashup. Here’s a sweet memory made!

Send it to her and you have successfully made her day.

Spa day at home

Spa day at home? A big yes yes. It’s a pandemic you can’t go out so why don’t you plan a fun spa day at Home for your birthday girl. Pamper her this way and let her know that you value her. You can find various spa salons providing home services. Take an appointment shortly and really dive in. Additionally, treat her during the spa with homemade food or her favorite snacks.

Whenever you choose a gift for someone, stick to things that are experiences rather than things they will forget about next month.

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