Best Flowers to Gift on Your Wife’s Birthday

Finding a perfect gift will never be an easy game. Even if you know everything about the person. Even if you are together with that person for so long, which is somehow a bit worse because being together for years means so many birthdays, special occasions, achievements, and thus, countless gifts and boom! Now you are put of ideas. These are the moments when flowers come to the rescue. Well, this does not mean you would skip the gift. Pfft, she will think you did not make any effort, so do not do this harm to yourself and pair flowers with a gift. Here is a list of best flowers to gift on your wife’s birthday, to help you out of this confusion!

Her Birth Flower

What can be a better option to begin this list of best flowers to gift on your wife’s birthday than her birth flower? Gift her a bouquet of her favorite flower mixed with her birth flower along with their meaning. Find out her birth flower just by the month she is born, here is the list:

  • January- Snowdrop
  • February- Primrose
  • March- Daffodil
  • April- Sweet pea
  • May- Hawthorn
  • June- Rose
  • July- Waterlily
  • August- Poppy
  • September- Morning glory
  • October- Cosmos
  • November- Chrysanthemum
  • December- Holly


It does not have to be only Valentine’s Day or your anniversary when you should give her a beautiful bouquet of red roses. It does not have to be her birthday for you to give her a flower, start her day with a single red rose, and watch how this will keep her drenched in happiness for days.

As you all know, roses have different meanings depending on the color and number of roses in the bouquet. This is the beauty of a rose you do not have to go overboard to show your love, giving a simple amount of 4 roses will mean “Nothing will come in between us” or 10 roses will give her the message “You are perfect.” Make sure to tell her the message verbally just in case she does not know.


These expensive flowers mean wealth, rare beauty, and strength. Red orchids mean fire, passion, and desire. During Ancient Greek times, people used to take orchids as a symbol of virility. In the Victorian age, people used to gift orchids to show their deep affection for the receiver because they believed the rarer the flower the deeper your love.


The happiest flower to ever exist, sunflower, is probably the best flower you can gift her; therefore, it is our favorite pick in this list of best flowers to gift on your wife’s birthday. They not only make a person automatically smile just because of their joyful appearance but they also have a beautiful meaning; adoration, faithfulness, and strength.


Another beautifully exotic flower, camellia will make a perfect gift for your wife. It means love, admiration, and deep desire. Even though camellia’s beauty is incomparable and is enough alone, you can still mix camellia with other flowers in a bouquet to design your special message.

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