Winter Flowers – 7 Best Flowers to Plant

Are you worried because most of your plants cannot survive during the winter season? Want to upgrade your garden? To add colors in life and garden, flowers are the most important aspect to have a focus on. Some flowers are evergreen while many flowers are famous for only a specific season. Winter flowers are one of the most charming flowers, which boosts the beauty of winter to an extreme level. Mostly, people are not aware of those special flowers which bloom in winters and are famous for the only winter season. A view of everything covered in a white fluffy blanket of snow and a bunch of colorful flowers here and there. If that is what you are looking for, then congratulations, you are in the right place!

Here is a list of 7 best flowers for plantation during the winter season.

1. Winter Jasmine

The most charming flower of the winter season is winter jasmine. Just like its name, it spreads out elegance by growing in bunches. You must take extra care of its maintenance as it grows in great speed. If you like, you can give direction to its stem and it will grow up to 15 feet. One fact that is pretty upsetting for jasmine lovers is that winter jasmine does not have that signature scent of jasmine flower. Still, the beauty of this flower is to die for.

2. Lenten Rose

These delicate roses grow in the mild winter season and last till the end of the season. They also called Hellebore. It seems delicate and easily breakable but, it is strong enough to stand-alone. If you have Lenten rose at home, keep it away from children because its highly toxic if eaten. These lamp shaped roses usually come in mild colors, but the dark-colored Lenten roses are the most stunning ones.

3. Crocus

The U-shaped cup-like flower is one of the most famous winter flowers. It blooms in the late winter season and is found mostly in rock areas. Perfectly adding colors to those areas where it is needed the most. The amazing fact about crocus is that it is found in many colors and all of them are bright in shade. Maybe that is why it brightens up the view perfectly.

4. English Primrose

Primrose is also called Primula; they are the evergreen flower to plant but are on the full swing during the winter season. There are 27 types of English primrose and are found in almost all colors. It grows in almost every location whether it is dry or wet, similarly, shaded, or unshaded. With exposure to the sun, it preserves an elegant bright color to show.

5. Snowdrop

This elegant flower is also known as Galanthus. It blooms in late winters and remains at its full swing till the snow lasts. Snowdrop, as its name, grows until the last snow and usually, they are found in bulk. If you want to plant snowdrop, make sure to plant when its green because it does not grow when dried out. These pretty flowers give off fairy tale vibes and are perfect to gift someone.

6. Camellia

This beautiful flower looks like a rose with a pleasant scent. You can plant it at a prime location to enjoy its pleasing scent. It shows its best when receives sunlight for good 4 to 6 hours. Comparatively, Camellia is found quite easy to plant and it does not require much maintenance. Just make sure over-watering could be highly dangerous for its growth.

7. Viola

Violas are often called tiny faced flowers as they have a look of a teeny tiny face in the middle. These bright colored flowers lighten up gloomy days with their sweet fragrance. They are technicality annuals as they self-seed and re-grow during spring. They can last through winters and can also bear light frost.

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