5 Low Maintenance Succulent Plants to Grow Indoor

Succulent plants come in a variety of colors, peculiar shapes and unique features; they have fleshy leaves or stems which helps them in storing water for weeks and a rubbery and waxy texture. They come in exotic and unusual appearances.

Succulents are often confused with cacti. Cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti. Succulents have unique features ranging from beautiful flowers to frills and spines. Succulents have become super popular over the last few years, and for good reason.

Succulents make excellent home plants as they are low maintenance and contribute to a healthier life. They purify the air by releasing an abundant quantity of oxygen. They even purify the air by removing toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde. Some of the best succulents to grow indoors are as mentioned below.

Burros Tail

The best way to plant this succulent is in a hanging basket. It looks best in a container that can be placed on a stool or table while the plant drapes down. Burros tail has huge leaves that can grow up to 3 feet and are gray-green. Some might exhibit pink or red flowers in summers as well. They are cheap and low maintenance and also come with an excellent fragrance.

Jade plant

This South African native plant grows stocky, branched stems and thick, glossy green leaves often tinged with red around the edges when grown in full sun. Over time, they can get several feet tall. It’s better to plant them in terra cotta containers. It is a versatile remedy used to treat nausea, corns and diarrhea. They are also excellent for mental health.


These are rose-shaped succulents that are easy to care for, drought-resistant and come in a beautiful variety of colors and sizes. They are the fastest-growing succulents and can brighten up workspaces and homes and are particularly used in offices and study rooms to enhance focus and reduce stress.

Panda plant

Panda plants originate from Madagascar and are very vibrant and pleasant looking. Their leaves have a gray-green color for the base with strands of silver, brown and rusty patches are found at their tips. They can reach about two feet tall as a house plant .They grows very slowly hence need very little care and maintenance. They are great air purifiers and can maintain the humidity of your homes.

Snake plant

This plant can survive weeks without light and water without losing their good looks and are the most common house plants .snake plants tolerate low light they look best in medium to bright light. They also survive in very little water.

Along with minimal requirements for care snake plant has other advantages as well. They are visually very appealing and can lift your mood. They are the best stress relievers and they release positive energy around them. So with snake plants in your surroundings, you are bound to have a happy mind and body.

To conclude, succulents are native to arid deserts, and dry areas. They grow best in warm temperatures and dry soil and are unable to withstand humidity and freezing temperatures. Succulents can even change their colors with different variations of sunlight. They tend to “blush” or increase their color intensity when exposed to more sunlight.

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