Overcome the Stress of Lockdown – Send Gifts to your Family

In December 2019 a disease originated in China and soon it took over the whole world. After a hundred years the world is facing another pandemic. Most of the countries are in a state of lockdown since March 2020.

In Pakistan, it has been 3 and a half months of restrictions and social distancing. However, still it is among the countries where we do not see the cases declining in our near future. In the beginning, we found our passions but with time it is getting unbearable for us.

In such depressing and stressful times, we at The Flower Studio are here at your service. We bring you a variety of gifts for your family so you can send a little ray of hope to your loved ones. It does not matter if you live together or not just let them know that they are in your thoughts. Here are a few gifts that you can get to your family in Pakistan.


Flowers are the best way to express what a thousand words cannot. Different flowers are associated with different meanings and feelings. We have a wide variety of flowers at the flower boutique. You can choose among different flowers based on the personality and likes of the person you are sending the flowers to.

Flowers express love and care and strengthen your relationship with your family. In this time of stress flowers act as healers, they brighten up your surroundings and lift your moods. They radiate positive energy that uplifts the spirit of people. So what better gift than a bunch of flowers to reduce that depression that has been looming around.

A Sweet Treat

Sweets can act as very effective antidepressants. You do not need an occasion to indulge in a sweet treat and enjoy it. Reward your family with a cake or a chocolate bouquet for tolerating you in this difficult time.

Your mother or people who stay at home all year long need this appreciation because now you realize that staying at home and managing the household is not just fun but a task in itself. We offer chocolate bouquet and different cakes from which you can choose the ones your family loves.

For The Kids

Kids get bored very easily and it has been most difficult on them in this lockdown since they cannot play outdoors. You can choose a gift for your kids or nieces and nephews from our website. We have stuffed animals, balloons and cakes. Choose what you like best and order it right away.


Along with mental health physical health is also in a bad condition. This is due t the bad eating habits. When you are on a clock you take your food properly and on time, however, when your activities are reduced your food intake is disturbed.

Some do not feel hungry while others seem to over eat. You can send your family a fruit basket or a dates basket to remind them that they need to take care of themselves. We also have dry fruit baskets that are healthy and nourishing.

Most of the households are under extreme stress. With hundreds of cases every hour, it seems like it has been forever with this pandemic. In such testing times tell your family that you are standing with them by sending them gifts. This reminds them that they are in your thoughts and prayers.

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