History And Traditions Of Mother’s Day:

Mothers are the biggest support for their children. There is no greater support or friend in the world other than a mother who is always ready to be the shoulder to cry on. A mother’s efforts and sacrifices for her children need to be acknowledged always for which a special day has been dedicated which is known as a “Mother’s day”. People all over the world celebrate this occasion by presenting flowers and many other gifts to their moms.

History Of Mother’s Day:

The origin of Mother’s Day can be traced back to Ancient Greeks times. They would celebrate their Goddess Rhea during the spring festival who was believed to be the Mother of Gods. The Romans too honoured Cybele, another Goddess associated with Goddess Rhea.

Looking back to its origin, it was not specifically celebrated as Mother’s Day until the Lent time when people went to the main church for special service. The tradition of giving a special gift emerged when families used to reunite at the Mothering Sunday service. Children started bringing a flower or a bouquet for their mothers which started appearing in the UK Christian calendar after the 16th century. A study reveals that now this day is being celebrated in around 152 countries around the globe.

Traditions Of Mother’s Day:

There is a multitude of traditions associated with Mother’s day which people follow every year to honour their mother especially. Below are a few of them that are followed by many:

Gifting Bouquets To Mothers:

Keeping the speciality of Mother’s Day in mind, most people show love to their moms by presenting them with lovely bouquets which can be found in stores and purchased online as well. Bouquets are always in tradition no matter which occasion and festival you celebrate. For mothers, we have come up with amazing flower bouquets and gifts, head over to our website for more information.

Giving Special Gifts:

Some people try to do something extraordinary for their mothers for which they go for personalized gifts. Especially made keeping in mind their mother’s preferences. Such gifts mostly have a special message and contain the names of mothers too which make them feel even more special.

Writing Appreciating Notes:

People also follow the tradition of wishing other moms who go over the mark to support their children. Their efforts can be appreciated by writing special handwritten notes to them. Give it a more personalised touch by pairing it with a flower bouquet of her choice.

Giving Surprises:

Anyone would feel special if we plan a surprise for them and they suddenly get to see it. Hence, this is also followed by many children globally who plan certain types of surprises for their mothers in unique ways. Some make sure their mums get a day off from all kinds of house chores and let them enjoy some spa or self-care treatment while they manage all the chores themselves. Some prefer making breakfast for their mothers. In the end, it is all about love that you can shower on her in one way or another.

There are many ways to make our mums feel special for all the tiring work they do for us throughout the year. They deserve to be fully appreciated and acknowledged on Mother’s Day, but we need to shower love over them in the same way all through the year too. So, what are your plans for mothers day that is just around the corner? Head over to our website if you haven’t decided on a gift yet for amazing limited-time offers.

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