Celebrating Ramadan in Times of COVID-19

Are you worried about the less Ramadan feel due to Covid-19? The emptiness of not be able to go to iftar parties or less exchange id iftars all around the neighborhood or the prohibition of dine-in in restaurants. Here are a few tips on celebrating Ramadan in times of Covid-19, that might make it easier for you.


Ramadan Preparations

If you are a male, then help the females of the house in preparing items for Ramadan suhoor and iftar. If you are a female, then try different “make and freeze” yummy recipes to spice up your iftar menu. Everybody likes a change. If you are an adult of the family, allot roles and responsibilities of each family member so that everyone gets work to do and enjoy working with the family as little efforts combined makes a great difference. It is also a little thing you will miss when you will be a grown-up away from your family.

1. Religious Activities Chart

Create a creative activity chart to encourage the participation of children in various religious activities. Hang it in any center position of the home. Mention different activities like five times prayer, tarawih, recitation of Holy Quran, household chores, acts of kindness, and many others. The chart would be customized according to the interests of family members. Involve younger ones of the home to decorate the chart, it will motivate them to participate in religious activities to fill in something “they made”. It will also help in celebrating Ramadan in times of Covid-19.

2. Home Decoration

Every Muslim household has a prayer room, if you do not have one, reserve a corner for the prayer. Place Quran and other Islamic books there. Place some cushions on the floor to make it look cozy. Place lanterns and some led candles to add to the aesthetics. You can also decorate it with fairy lights with small balls or lanterns to give it Ramadan festive feel. Place a vase of fresh flowers for a beautiful scent at the place.

3. Tarawih At Home

No doubt, Mosque is the best place for performing prayers but praying at home and with your family is fun and lovely. Help your father to perform Tarawih and pray behind him. Take breaks and serve water to every member so that they do not get tired.

4. Small Gatherings

Invite friends and families at home for a small iftar party, one of the main brilliances of Ramadan. But do not forget that we are still living with COVID-19, so you have to be very careful about inviting others or attending any gathering. Make sure to follow the SOPs and only invite the number of people allowed in your region.

5. Celebrating Little Moments

Celebrating Ramadan in times of Covid-19 must not stop you from celebrating little moments like when your child performs a successful fast or performs five times prayer a day. Whenever any family member does something to help others recites the whole Holy Quran. Celebrate the moment to encourage others and to appreciate every single member of the family.

6. Feeding Poor

Helping those who are in need. During this blessed month, help more than usual. Try to do charity daily or do different kinds of charity in the last 10 days of Ramadan as the reward gets multiplied.

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