Choose a Perfect Gift for Birthdays in July

Beaches, soaking up the sun and other outdoor activities remind us of summer. No one has track of the time spent in the summers, it is because all the people associated with education are on a break. Many events and holidays are planned in the summers as well because kids everywhere have their annual vacations. There are many birthdays in summers too.

In most of the world, July is the second month of summer. It is beginning of the second half of the year. People born in July are just like their birth month. They are warm, radiant, and very kind. Their star sign has an element of water within them. Along with all the qualities of people with the zodiac sign cancer, they have a few difficult traits too.

They are considered self-centred, have minimum patience and exhibit mood swings. These things make it difficult to choose a gift for them that they will like. If you are looking for a gift for someone born in July, this article will provide you with a list of things that you can gift to people born in July.


Flowers are the best gift for any occasion whether it is birthday or an anniversary, friendship day or graduation, flowers never let you down. Flowers are the beautiful sight for sore eyes. They cheer you up and have positive effects on your mental and physical health. For the people born in July, you can select lilies as these are associated with water and appeals to people whose zodiac sign is also water-based.

You can also choose yellow roses or sunflowers as a symbol of radiance just like the people born in July. This gift is ought to cheer your moody Cancerian friend because of the thought that goes into this gift. People born in July are sensitive and caring and will appreciate your gesture in choosing a gift that reminds you of them.

Zodiac Themed present

Another gift you can give to your friends born in July is a customized zodiac item. There are plenty of items to choose from. If your friend loves jewellery, than you can get their star sign (Cancer or Leo) engraved on a ring.

You can also get them a trinket or bracelet or even a necklace that has the constellation suiting their star signs. You can get them July marked mugs or even better, get them a carved scented candle that mentions their zodiac sign. Scented candles with essential oils as per the zodiac sign can also be considered.

Cake or Chocolates

It’s not a birthday without a cake. You can choose from a wide range of cakes at The Flower Studio, a cake for your July born friend. You can order a customized cake or choose one of the classics. Chocolate assortments are also available for the sweet July born person so they can indulge in a sweet treat.

Party arrangement

The best thing you can do is throw a party for a friend born in July. Hopefully, the pandemic will be controlled soon and we will be allowed social gatherings again. Celebrate 2 occasions in one. We offer balloons, flowers, cakes and other elements required for a party. Book your decorations and start planning a party now.

In conclusion, July is almost here and hardly 10 days are left. Plan your gift now for the birthdays in July with the help of the flower studio. Visit our website and sort through multiple options of gifts and choose the ones that you think are the best for your family and friends that have birthdays in July!

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