Get Well Soon – Tips to Send Flowers to A Hospital

Do you have a family member or a dear friend admitted to the hospital? Are you looking for ways to make them feel better? Want to show them how much you care for them and want them to recover soon? Then, of course, sending ‘get well soon’ flowers will be perfect. Flowers will also brighten up the dull and dreary hospital ward. But it is not as easy as it sounds, you need to keep a few points in your head while arranging things. This article will help you know the basic etiquettes of sending flowers to a hospital.

Do Not Go Overboard

It is natural that you want to show them how much you care about them but remember, big is not always the best option. Get a minimal sized bouquet or flower basket, whatever you are going with, considering the ward is made for life-saving machines and a few visitors only. You do not want your gift to come in the way of necessary items, right? Buy an unbreakable vase made of metal, wicker, wood, or plastic, and completely avoid vases made of glass or ceramics as they might break and create a huge mess.

Too Bright? Highly Scented?

It is okay to go with bright colors as they help a person feel refreshed and can help speed recovery. Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums are best ‘get well soon’ flowers as pollen in them is hidden inside, and not exposed. Avoid highly scented flowers like Lilly, as they catch bacteria faster and can cause allergy. Buy mildly scented flowers like daisies, peonies, pansies, and hydrangeas.

Do Your Research

  • Make sure to send allergy-free flowers even if you know the patient is not allergic to it, but other patients, hospital staff, or even the visitors might be allergic to them. Also, you never know if the surgery or the illness has made your dear one sensitive and more exposed to allergies. You do not want to add to their misery, right?
  • Cross-check that the flowers are rinsed thoroughly and do not contain any bug or grimes which might travel to other parts of the room.
  • Get flowers with woody stems as they are more likely to survive longer and not go soggy early. You do not want to add more hassle to the hospital staff.
  • Better choose houseplants, they will help purify the air and provide more oxygen.

Prepare Something to Go with It

Sending ‘get well soon’ flowers is enough but to add glitters to it you can send handmade gifts or homemade food with them. Assure that the food does not contain any ingredient which is not good for the patient’s condition. Scented candles, balloons and a card can also be a good choice.

Check Hospital Rules Beforehand

Most hospitals do not allow flowers inside the room and have specific visiting hours. It is better to check all these details before arranging anything.

Deliver your flowers via cakes and gift delivery service as they offer same-day delivery, early morning, and midnight deliveries. It is better to not tell them ward number as it can be changed. Tell them the hospital address and patient’s name, they can get further information on the front desk.

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