Intimate Wedding Ideas

Are you one of those people who do not like the excessive amount of people to be invited to your wedding? Do you also hate it when someone in the crowd says, ‘The groom is my father’s cousin’s son and I’ve never seen him before’? Do you only want your actual nearest and dearest people to be invited to your wedding? Well, guess what, this pandemic is the best time for you to get married if you the society is the only barrier between you and your wishes. Here we have a list of intimate wedding ideas for you to organize your event well.

Shorten the Guest List

We do not know who started this tradition of wasting your hard-earned money on people who do not even know your name. The more people you invite, the more burden and stress it will add on you. Food, decoration, venue, everything just keeps adding into your pocket, and at the end of the day, they either pass a rude comment or just talk bad behind you. So just invite the people who are genuinely happy for you and wish only good for your future. Which means, your family and some closest friends.

Destination Wedding

Fewer people mean you now have more money. Go out and get yourself a wedding you ever dreamed of.  Also, it is easier to travel with fewer people. You will get to spend the best time making memories with the best people in your life. If you want to save money, then go for a meaningful venue. Places like where you spent your childhood, your backyard, the restaurant where you had your first date, etc.

Decorate Your Heart Out

Embrace bold pattern and colors, it will make your huge space a bit smaller and cozier. Unlike the usual, mix and match, be it patterns, textures, or colors of decorations, seats, flowers, or fabric. Go nontraditional. Be creative– the sky is the limit. Customize everything you want. Place your family pictures here and there, maybe some from your childhood too.

Share the Table

Go communal. The best one in this list of intimate wedding ideas is that you can have a meal like a family dinner. Sitting at one table while munching. Get a mic. Play games, sing songs, have a comedy chat with your guests while having dinner. Be as less formal as you can. This will relax your guests, eventually relaxing you, and would allow you to enjoy your day.

Small Details

Make invitations more personal. Write them yourself, maybe paint a not-so-perfect-picture of you two, get a customized wax stamp or add some secret references that only your closest ones will get.

The key point in this list of intimate wedding ideas is, go for a small space so the guests would, stick together and would not be able to disappear during the event. When there are fewer plates to serve, you can serve rich food. Plan a fixed seating arrangement with nameplates of the guests.

Invest in the photographer. Ask him to capture the laughter, the moments, more group photos, and more solo photos of the entire guest list. Get a painter, paint your wedding live. Get fun transport to squeeze all your guests in.

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