Make her 30th Birthday Unforgettable

It’s the most awaited event of the year yes, you guess it right my elder sister’s birthday. She is amazing more than a mother to me and my best friend. I always praise Almighty God for sending her in my life she actually made my life colorful. So, tomorrow is her birthday most important day of my life. She is a doctor (Child Specialist) by profession and due to Coronavirus pandemic, she used to stay in hospital. So, it is 10:00 pm and want to surprise her. I met with children ward kids and make a team to make their doctor feel happy and we will amaze her. We started decorating children ward we took some of her photos tie them with ribbon and stick a magnetic light (it will be on when we switched off the light) with it and hang them with roof and taken bundle of balloons filled with glitters. Little kids prepared cards for their doctor and I gave them dresses they all are happy. I have designed a cake with Rainbow colors fairies on its top and magical beautiful named written stick that will blow automatically when she cut the cake. Now all ready. It’s 12am everyone is shouting switch off the lights and yes, all darkness and silence all around. So, the time come when she in normal mood open the door balloons burst glitter on her lights that were on photo are now on and a sound is passing through her ears “Happy Birthday to you”. She was like Breathed in, wide open eyes, right hand on her mouth after 2 minutes silence she screamed. OH MY GOD and hugged me as we met after 10 days almost. Everyone presented their gift to her and I still left with my one so come up with the huge box actually bigger than her. She was so excited and open it a man in his knees taking bouquet of roses and a ring to proposed her yes, the love of her from past 5 years and she was shocked because he was out of the country from last 3 years and incidentally here it was truly shocking for her. She was crying and said “Yes”. This was something magical for her and my surprise actually changed her life totally and she is going top start a new life. Then, she cut the cake and we all celebrated. I give her a box full of chocolates as she’s chocolate lover. She was so happy her love had arranged BBQ for the whole staff and some fireworks that make her so happy that what she was thinking that I can’t celebrate my birthday and how it turned out to be was purely full of love and surprises. And the day went on with many small surprises. And at last she said to me that “You make my 30th birthday unforgettable with unique gift”.

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