New Year Celebrations in Different Countries

New year, the best time of the year is just at our doorsteps. Not only children but teenagers and even elders wait the whole year to celebrate this special day, which is quite weird because let us be honest, what is so special about this day? Nothing is going to change right after this particular midnight. Let me tell you, it is the sale for elders, vacations for teenagers, gifts for children which makes it special. In one word–it is the celebration. So, today we are here with an exciting list of new year celebrations in different countries for you to enjoy–because we do not know about you, but we enjoy learning about different cultures.

Denmark Smashes Plates

Banging and bashing on someone’s door is something that is considered a bad habit. However, in Denmark, they smash plates on each other’s front door. It is considered that the one who gets the highest number of smashes is a famous person. They believe that it is good fortune for them if the first person who smashes on their front door is tall and has hairs dark in shade. They practice this activity the whole night and make sure that they did not miss any of their relative’s and friends’ houses.

Japan Rings Bells 108 Times

Japanese rings bell 108 times at the Buddhist temples. They believe that it will save them from negative energy and false mentality. In Tokyo, a huge number of people came to Zojoji Temple to practice this at the midnight on New Year’s Eve. This one is the most amusing in this list of new year celebrations in different countries.

Spain Eats Grapes

For good health in the upcoming year, Spaniards eat 12 grapes at a time at midnight. It is also considered as a new year resolution for a healthy year. They believe that this will bring a prosperous year to them. Each grape brings one wish for you if you manage to eat every grape then all your wishes will come true for sure. For this, they also gather at a specific location and have grapes with wine, and celebrate by dancing the whole night long.

Australia and Fireworks

To celebrate the new year, Australians do a lot of fireworks along with different family activities. The event is for families to enjoy and to get relax. Many of the carnivals and cultural activities occur at the same time so that families could enjoy themselves to their highest level.

Scotland Celebrates 3 Days

This one is quite amazing in this list of new year celebrations in different countries. Across the country, people used to celebrate the new year for 3 consecutive days. The celebration is made through the traditional dance and cultural music of Scotland.

Brazil Jumps 7 Waves

In Brazil, it is considered that if you can jump seven waves on New Year’s Eve then the upcoming year will bring you good fortune and a lot of success. They make sure to wear white on that day because in their culture wearing white refers to bring peace. Many of them say that they also throw a bouquet in the water as an offering to the god of the sea to bring peace upon them.

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