Surprise Your Sister on Her Birthday

Birthdays are special and when it is your sister’s birthday it becomes double special, maybe because sisters are special as well. But it is common to run out of ideas to surprise her as it has been forever since you are celebrating her birthday. Here we are for your rescue, with a list of ways to surprise your sister on her birthday.

Customized Scrapbook

This one is my most favorite in this list of ways to surprise your sister on her birthday. You can either order it online or make it by yourself. If you want to make it by yourself, paste pictures of memories you want her to remember always. Do not forget to write one-line sentences to enhance the beauty of that memory.

Buy Snacks for Her

Buy a lot of snacks for her, believe me, flowers and food are two things that can never go wrong. Buy something that she cannot buy on daily basis. Try to add multiple sorts of things so that she can have a variety of options, not just sweet and not just salty.

Update Her Wardrobe

Buy her pretty clothes. Who does not love new clothes? During the winter season, you can gift her warm and stylish long coats as these are trendy nowadays. You can also gift her sneakers or give yours to her as sisters always love wearing their sister’s stuff.

Jewelry as a Gift

Many girls love to wear jewelry and always wants to update their collection whether it’s of rings, necklace, watches or bracelets. Buy beautiful jewelry of her choice so that she can wear a different one with every outfit. Trust me this will always work.

Xbox or PS

If she is into games, you can surprise her by gifting her Xbox or PS. It can be a bit costly but trust me it is worth it. You can easily buy them at discounted prices as there is a yearend sale going on everywhere. Do not forget to buy some games with it too.

Surprise Meetup with Childhood Friends

Arrange a meetup at any public place or you can reserve a separate area at any restaurant to give them their own little space. Invite all her friends whom she has not met for years. Have dinner with them. These little efforts will make her super surprised and excited at the same time. This one is the most heartwarming one in this list of ways to surprise your sister on her birthday.

Movie Tickets with Her Favorite Person

If she is in a relationship or engaged, you can buy her two movie tickets. If she is not committed, then go for a movie with her friends, only the one she is close with, remember to always prefer quality over quantity.

Surprise Vacation

Plan a surprise vacation for her whether it is with family or her friends and reveal it by giving her tickets at the last moment. Trust me it only sounds expensive in your head, try booking tickets or hotels during the sales.

Midnight Surprise Cake Delivery

Nothing can beat the level of midnight surprise. Whatever you are planning to do, do not ever forget this as it is something that starts the excitement of the birthday with the ring of midnight. Get your surprise delivered to your sister at the right time by ordering through The Flower Studio. They offer flexible time services like same-day, early morning and midnight deliveries.

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