Nurture Your Most Important Relationships In 5 Simple Ways

Love is not just a feeling. It is commonly known as an emotion, but it must be shown for the other person to feel. You must show your love through your actions so that your partner would feel your love, only words are not enough in a long run. It is the same for care. Both love and care are important in every relation, not just a romantic one. Here is a list of how to nurture your most important relationships in 5 simple ways, which you can use to strengthen your most precious relations.


This is the key to nurture your most important relationships. Talk it all out. If there is a problem arising. Talk it out. If they did something, that hurt you. Talk it out. If you heard something about them from a third person. Confront them, ask them directly if it is true or not. And if it is true then what was their intention behind it. Maybe they did not mean it. Maybe the third person was not telling the whole truth. Through communicating you can eliminate the slightest chance of any misunderstanding ruining your relationship with them.


Appreciate them with your words and your actions. Appreciate the little thing. Tell them how much you appreciate their existence in your life. Highlight small details like their personality, actions, and qualities.  We often tend to forget how important appreciating is to nurture your most important relationships. Especially during a long relationship. If showing gratitude is not practiced for a long time, you would slowly start to take the person for granted. Which is never good.

Be Lenient

Do not be harsh on them. Try thinking from their perspective during an argument, try knowing their reasons. Treat your partner as a human, know that they can get stressed or depressed due to work or people around them. It is okay if they get irritated sometimes and if they do not want to talk or agree to you. Give them personal space. Know that they have a life outside your relation, they have friends and other activities they enjoy. You cannot cage them.

Take Responsibility

If you end up making a mistake, try owning it. Go ahead and take responsibility. Ask for forgiveness and repent. Normalize hunching in front of each other. If they end up doing something, forgive them. Let saying sorry and forgiving a normal thing in between you two.

Provide Emotional Support

Emotional and moral support is something that everybody needs. It is a luxury we do not expect from everyone, we only have a very few people whom we expect this from. If you are that person for someone, be there for them when they need you. Do not try to avoid it or ignore it just because you think they might have other people they can go to, or you do not know how to do it. It is no rocket science. It may seem difficult but sometimes all you must do is be there and listen. Let them know it is okay to not be okay. Trust us, nothing feels better knowing that you helped someone.

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