Perfect Flowers for Mother’s Day

As we have always highlighted the importance of gifting is the meaning and efforts behind it. Especially when you are gifting flowers, knowing every single meaning of it is very important, especially that one meaning that made you chose it. Educate yourself about the etiquettes of gifting flowers, when to gift, how to gift etc. Because some flowers have different meanings depending on the color, occasion, and region you or the receiver lives in. It is very important as almost every flower has a very dark meaning attached to it. You do not want them to misunderstand you right? So here we are, with a list of perfect flowers for Mother’s Day along with the meaning behind it.

1- Carnations:

What can be a better gift than the flowers that symbolize Mother’s Day? Carnation is one of the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day, gift it to your mother along with a hug and tell her the significance of carnations. Tell her the reason why you chose this specific flower out of all the flowers in the world.

Carnations to give:

  • Red carnations represent motherhood thus honoring the living mothers.
  • Light red carnations mean admiration. It is commonly used in Japan during Mother’s Day as a gift for mothers.
  • Dark red carnations represent affection.
  • White carnations are used to honor the mother you lost. Use it as a remembrance of the mother who no longer exists in this world.
  •  Pink carnations mean gratitude. It also means “I will never forget you” so it can be used for the mother who is no longer amongst us.

Carnations to stay away from:

  • Yellow carnations represent refusal or rejection.
  • Striped carnations mean disappointment.

2- Rose:

Roses are the flowers used all around the globe to represent love. What can be a greater love than a child’s love for their mother? Give her a rose along with a cake to munch on while you shower her with your love.

Roses to give:

  • Pink rose indicates admiration and gratitude.
  • Dark pink rose means elegance and grace. It is also a way to say, “thank you”.
  • Light pink rose denotes gentleness.
  • The white rose symbolizes purity and innocence.
  • Yellow rose represents care.
  • The Red rose is a symbol of love and devotion.
  • Peach rose means modesty and sincerity.
  • The orange rose represents passion.
  • Purple rose means royalty. Of course, she is not only the queen of the house but also the queen of our heart.
  • Lavender rose is one of the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day as it symbolizes “love at first sight”. We may not remember the first time we saw our mother but is not every time we look at her, we fall in love with her repeatedly?
  • Burgundy rose means unconscious beauty. Tell her how heavenly beautiful she is and how she made your life beautiful just by being in it.

Roses to stay away from:

  •  Black rose means hatred and death.

3- Chrysanthemum:

Chrysanthemums are often known as “mums” making it a common flower to be gifted on Mother’s Day. Especially in Australia, they are the official flower for Mother’s Day.

Chrysanthemums to give:

  • Red chrysanthemum means deep passion and love, just like any other red-colored flower.
  • White chrysanthemum indicates honesty and deep loyalty.
  • Pink chrysanthemum denoted long life.

Chrysanthemums to stay away from:

  • Yellow chrysanthemum means rejected love and sorrow.

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