Sympathy gift etiquette

You just heard that someone close to your heart just lost his friend or family member. What is the most suitable way to show your sympathy and support? It often gets difficult to know what to do at the moment. You want to be respectful and show your compassion at the same time.

People generally become overwhelmed with that situation. Accordingly, we have some tips that might help you in a case where you want to help your loved one and convey your condolence in the best way possible.

  • Be present at the moment. When you are physically present at the funeral, you know what would be suitable to do for the recipient at the moment. Whether it’s the help in cleaning, bringing over food, or other special treats to cheer them up.
  • Any gift that indicates you have made some effort is appropriate to give. If it is not possible to get a personalized gift for a family of the deceased. You can quickly grab some flowers and send them to the family. Flowers are considered an excellent gift for funerals
  • Share the hard times with flowers. Before going to the florist for the flowers, make sure that flowers don’t make the recipient worse. As some cultures and beliefs may consider flowers improper and inappropriate.
  • The most valuable way to provide solace and comfort to the deceased’s family in difficult times is by making sure their needs are being fulfilled on time. They are well-fed. Feeding or cooking meals for the grieving family is a respectful way to lend support. You can prepare some meals for the upcoming weeks and freeze them for the family, so they don’t have to worry about the food at least.
  • If you know the person who died and you know he is the only one who has been bringing the majority of household income. You can put some money in a card with a kind and generous message and mention that the gift inside is given with the purest feelings to lend some support so that the recipient doesn’t feel awful or embarrassed.
  • If you want to express your sentiments with something unique that stays with them permanently. You can try one of these sentimental ideas.
    1) A memorial potted plant
    2) Memorial wind chime
    3) Customized Tumbler mug
    4) Memorial flower box
    5) Special memorial photos
    6) Other precious belongings
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  • Presently, people prefer charity and donation in the name of the deceased to any other thing. If the person who died had a particular disease, you could donate to charities researching a cure. You can write on a sympathy card about the donations you have made for sharing the love departed brought in this world with the needy and destitute.
  • Make sure to keep track of the deceased family and send gifts or a sympathy card on three months or six months and the first anniversary. Most people show care for the initial weeks, but it will let the family know that they are not forgotten if you keep remembering them.
  • If you were not close to the family but to the departed one only. You can still show your sympathy by sending a card to their son or mother or the widow.
  • After a year anniversary, try sending sympathy cards instead of flowers or other gifts. It might bring back all the feelings from the funeral, which would be worse for the family.

Acknowledging the deceased family’s grieve and supporting the ones left behind for a long haul would reflect your deep condolence and concern. No matter how you react to the tragedy, the actual thing is to show honor to the deceased.

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